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April 27, 2019


Peter G

Mankind has no history, just a criminal record. Now that is a quote that has stuck with me for nearly fifty years. I cannot remember who said it although I have the vague recollection that it came from a German intellectual. I have never, even with the internet at my disposal, been able to determine its source. I always found it a pithy truth.

Watching the rise of nouveau fascism and ethnic nationalism in Europe has been fascinating. It’s quite surprising how many of these yahoos are firmly convinced their particular tribe constitutes the modern ubermensch and the cultural apex of civilization. Until Politico shut down their comment section I used to have great fun mocking their pretentious drivel. I always add a caveat. If they really want to go backwards and start duking it out for ethnic glory that is their choice. Just don’t expect anyone to ride to your rescue.

I am not without hope however. The magnificent sacrifice our British friends have taken to shoot themselves in both feet via Brexit seems to have caused more than a few heads to clear.

Marc McKenzie

"We just go on and on, repeating the imbecilities of "great" and glorious leaders."

All too true. I wish it were different, because we do in fact get great (but also very human) leaders--see MLK, Obama, FDR, Hillary Clinton--but then, there seem to be more of the idiots who always louse things up.

Marc McKenzie

"Mankind has no history, just a criminal record."

Powerful...and horrifically true. I hope you do find the source of this quote.

"The magnificent sacrifice our British friends have taken to shoot themselves in both feet via Brexit seems to have caused more than a few heads to clear."

That seems to be the case...and over here, it also seems that Trump and company have caused some heads to clear over here. But others, sadly are still stuffed with the same idiotic bullshit thoughts, and this applies to both sides.


What I find so tiresome is that what is repeated over and over isn't just the loathesome strong men who show up over and over through history, but rather the same weak, sniveling, greedy types who make them possible.

For every generation's Hitler or Mussolini or, yes, Trump type there's always the same pathetic entities who facilitate them. Who use their position or their power or their industry (like the Krupp family of Germany did) to enable or fund or normalize them. Every generation has always had it's versions. And you look at the people today be it a McConnell or a Zuckerberg or a Barr and you know you've seen them before or studied them in school.

It's like the character says in Hellman's "The Little Foxes" - "Well, there are people who eat the earth and eat all the people on it like in the Bible with the locusts. Then there are people who stand around and watch them eat it."

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