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April 26, 2019



While I have a different favorite at this point, in the past week I have been able to talk to an awful lot of people about their primary choice. Biden has a decided majority, and that includes Millenials, African-Americans (especially middle-age and older), a cross-section of age, ethnicities and occupations. The cross-section is pretty striking. Many of these (including Millenials)are former Sanders supporters, most of whom still love Bernie but don't think he can win, and most believe Biden can beat Trump, and prioritize winning. The process is now in full swing; maybe Biden will repeat his previous flame-outs. But maybe not. While the left is very loud they are a comparatively small group.

Ed Doerr

I agree with you about the significance of the loud left being overrated.

Plus, I don't think the Bernie supporters will have the same complaints this time, as he's running in a field of about 6-8 others who have a decent shot of winning. I don't think they'll feel that the deck was stacked against their guy, as they did last time. At least, I hope they won't.

I live in PA, and our primary is held in May, usually long after the winner is determined, to my sometimes chagrin.

I think that if GNP numbers hold up for the next four quarters, Trump is going to be a lot harder to beat than people now think. I'm sorry to say that, but there you go.

I am going to stay away from this comments section for a while. I've made clear my position as to our party's favored candidate, as I did in 2016, and I'm not going to flog the commentariat, including our host, with any more unpopular opinions, which I realize can be pointed at times. (Not that I apologize for that...hey, it's politics we're talking about here!)

One thing I will say is that, believe it or not, the opinions I express in comments on conservative websites are (as you might guess...they're mostly the same opinions!) even more unpopular than they are here.

But I will say this...I only have been actually banned from liberal sites...Washington Monthly and Political Wire both cases for insufficient political correctness w/respect to HRC, at whose political ineptness I remain unalterably angry (I was banned during the campaign for pointing out her malpractice in real time, not after the fact).

On con websites, including The American Con and NRO, I have been roundly chastised, excoriated even, but never even suspended, much less excluded.

Sometimes, I'm not really entirely comfortable being a lefty.


I basically agree. Trump will be hard to beat no matter. (OTOH, a robust economy didn't really help Hillary or Gore.) Still, it's hard to see Trump growing out his 46.1%. I sense a coming unity in the Democratic party, whoever the nominee may be. I'm in New York so my vote may matter. There are so many "on the other hands"; no big bills have come due, so to speak. Enjoy your time away.

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