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April 26, 2019



The "socialist" mentality. A universal acid so powerful that no vessel can contain it for long. It is worse than "Rust never sleeps".

Peter G

The way I see it the crowded field on the left of the Democratic party is competing to be the most fiscally left in terms of program spending. Bernie has a lot of competition now. This has led to some pouting among the Sanders supporters that other candidates have unfairly smouched his policies. This is nonsense of course. Warren, policy wise, at least has proposed a workable if politically unobtainable method of paying for hers.

I note that quite a lot of complaints from supporters at this end of the spectrum revolve around no one paying attention to policy proposals of their favored candidates. And they are right. Candidates getting the disproportionate share of media attention like Buttigieg and Beto and Biden really are not making policy central to their campaigns.

My conclusion is that the three Bs cited above are well advised to let the policy fighters on the left duke it out until some clear ideas are obtained about what has the broadest support among voters. And then favor that. As odious as that sounds it is pretty hard for people to justify rejecting a winning candidate who supports the policies they like even if they preferred another candidate to begin with.

There are also a bunch of minor candidates on the right. I think they do not have a snowflake's chance in hell.

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