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April 30, 2019



Barr actively sought out the corruption. He straight up wanted this.


Of course Barr’s letter didn’t “fully capture” the report, it was just a summary of the ultimate findings. Does Mueller need to be reminded that this report didn’t need to see the light of day, the statute only requires the special counsel turn a report over to the attorney general. The AG didn’t have to release it at all, Barr could have announced the report brought no charges on collusion/conspiracy and no charges on obstruction and be done with it. So why Mueller is concerned about the ‘full context’ suggests he has another motive that his report wasn’t playing as planned.

Keep shaking those empty boxes of impeachable toys. Some media won Pulitzers over "reporting" on this attempted coup. Face has to now be saved. The WH Correspondents gathering was a prime example of a troubled industry struggling to wash itself of their own dirt.

Counter investigations are beginning into the origins of this Collusion hoax. Certain people should be nervous.


More piss-feeble excuses for this two-bit thug, crime boss and Russian traitor.

Peter G

Say, whatever happened to Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell? Sure Whitewall, Barr could have just said Mueller's report said whatever he wanted it to say. And hoped no one was ever going to question that. So why didn't he do that?

Wait a minute! That is exactly what Barr did, with very predictable consequences. So if it exonerates Trump then why bury it? Who needed it not to see the light of day?


Recall in "Animal House" how the sheep went from bleating "Four legs good. Two legs bad," to, right on cue, "Four legs good. Two legs BETTER!"


"Animal Farm" The former was more fun, though.

Peter G

Oddly something our friend said did remind me of Bluto's speech in Animal House.


"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!? Hell no!"

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