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April 14, 2019


Take all the time you need. You may not be feeling 100% but your writing is still in top form.

So isn't then around the time of the civil rights movement when racist Dixiecrats like Strom Thurmond changed from Democrat to Republican? Could that have played a role as well?

Yes, and yes, it sure did.

This is a great PM piece. The Brett Stephens' of the Grand Old Party need to be repeatedly reminded of what they and their earlier generation wrought.

Thank you for your wonderful post!

I especially loved the "true orange" gag!!!!! 😂

Thanks for your pompous words, bro.

A very good response to Stephens. Wow! Declining moral standards? Conservatives have always arrogantly pushed their definitions of morality as the benchmark. It was never just about honor and honesty and personal responsibility with them; it was what church you attended, how you dressed, what you did in your bedroom, how well you conformed. They had little interest in sincere respect for others, in kindness, empathy, generosity, truth. Those are MY moral standards. The decline of those has always been led by Republicans.

The moral hill that Conservatives chose to die on was never my hill. They were aghast at women being independent and wanting jobs and sexual freedom equal to men. They saw moral decline when people who were different from them demanded equality and respect. They bemoaned people walking away from religion and refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

The shame they invoked never applied to them. They lied, cheated, stoled, whatever, with abandon. The shame was always to keep others in line.

I always found moralists to be a tiresome lot. I still do. Their arguments in favor of imposing their particular version of morality almost always answer their own desires to be cruel and to treat other human beings as they would not be treated themselves. I do prefer more pragmatic tests of situational analysis. The golden rule is an excellent rule of thumb. Would I, in someone else’s shoes, want to be so treated? But it isn’t the only guide. We all carry a testing device by which we can detect bullshit moralizing. We all have an ass which we can, as required, check for dermatological damage. If there is no skin off it then you can be reasonably sure that what someone else wants to do is no concern of yours.

Very good point, conveyed with charming humor. Made me giggle.

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