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April 29, 2019



re: I'd court the American penal system's most violent offenders if it were lawful and contributed to Trump's defeat.



Stop with the damn 1994 Crime Bill already. There are plenty of honest reasons to not want Biden. Stay away from the dishonest ones.

The same crime bill when the overall crime rate was twice as high as today. The same crime bill when the murder rate was twice as high as today.

The same crime bill endorsed by the Congressional Black Caucus. The same crime bill endorse by the Council of Mayors.

The Crime Bill of 1994 had nothing to do with the increase in incarcerations. That took place on the state level.

It was a different era. We did not know it at the time that the crime rate was cresting, which we only now know in retrospect.

Peter G

It is very interesting to watch the punditry both professional, like Blow, and the amateurs who tweet, insist that they cannot support anyone who is unwilling to alienate millions of voters for no particular reason. Blow's argument is wonderfully circular. Biden has to explain to the people who already support him why they should if he dares to consider any other voters of interest to winning. But Biden has already done that.

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