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May 14, 2019


Trump hags carry signs saying their dear leader that he can grab them by the p***y so no one should be offended by anything Joe Biden did. People who manufacture outrage over it are an insult to real survivors of sexual assault.

As a recovering Catholic (over 60 years), I'm not sure how to take this.

Thank you for that. As a woman I am so glad we've passed some kind of important benchmark with the #metoo movement. Things will never be the same old same old. Thank God. But there's an arm wide distance between sexual assault and big old bear hug.

That he got a head start on the Catholic vote?

I'm totally in agreement with yourself and Freesia but I believe that younger women are less inclined to distinguish between assault and slightly inappropriate behaviour. (Do tell us if you're in your twenties Freesia). There is a whole movement going on which discourages common sense acknowledgement that there is a gulf between over familiarity and the bad stuff. It's hurting women in the workplace now because men are scared to get too close or cross some imaginary line with a hand in the wrong place, (on the back or the shoulder) or a chair placed in uncomfortable proximity. It's gone beyond silly and it's our girls who will suffer.

I suppose that you mean that you're still not quite over it. Or do you mean that you're on your way back into the fold? I'm not entirely sure. The ambiguity is telling. Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.

Never mind, Joe's a good guy and he has the appeal of a patently nice person. It's difficult to fake goodness. I'm still not hopeful that he can beat Trump. He's too bloody old and he looks it.

May I suggest (completely off topic) that you do what Australia would solve your problem. Make voting compulsory. It keeps the extremists on the edge when the largely apathetic are forced to venture out to the polling station or face a hundred dollar fine which arrives in the post a few weeks later, without fail. I do know this. When we became Australian citizens I was shocked that democracy was enforced in this way. it seemed counterintuitive. Now I see why. If you had it, Trump wouldn't be President.

I'm in my 50s, Mary.

And I agree. It comes down to common sense. I think it also comes down to women being perfectly capable of (especially in this new environment) saying to a man, a boss, a colleague, "Gettin' a little handsy their Buster". With a smile. Or a growl if it's warranted.

Victimhood isn't strength. Somehow, in many cases, they're being entwined. As you say girls will suffer in the long run.

I taught computer courses at colleges and adult schools from the late 80s to the mid 90s. I was in my 40s at the time. Male instructors during those years were terrified of being accused of inappropriate touching, primarily from women in their 20s. I made a practice of keeping my hands in my pockets or clasped behind my back. Reaching over to point at the monitor or use the keyboard was risking a possible lawsuit. That is not an exaggeration. It happened more than once. It was one of the factors in my decision to get out of education.

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