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May 30, 2019



Didn't we already know he's clueless? And yet he keeps rolling along, doing what he wants, hurting whoever he wants and getting away with every bit of it.


As clueless as he may be, he also understands power and how to wield it.


I find it orders of magnitude more disturbing that Republicans in Congress, sworn to defend the country and the Constitution, don't give a goddamn about his ignorance and incompetence. They happily use him to further their hateful, destructive policies just like Putin and Kim Jong-un are using him.

I wish I believed in hell.


Yes he understands power. But I actually think his idea of power which is actually more of an unquenchable thirst for dominance (they're not the name the same thing) ties into his ignorance.

I suspect that he's got serious learning disabilities that were never addressed. I believe that he probably doesn't read much beyond a 4th grade level and his whole life he's covered for it by faking and probably later by paying his way through. In covering for it all he learned to cow and threaten and bully and blame others and, if he were successful at it, they just let him get away with it and he never had to prove anything. In other words, if you're the emperor of a situation you can force others to say you're wearing new clothes. Clumsy metaphor but you get my drift?

Power, or rather dominance, is a form of protection for him. Which goes actually to a feeling of weakness. Only now he's got ultimate power. God help us.


But always remember he beat Hillary , he is still your president . Hell hath no fury ,
Ike a woman (Democrat) scorned. No collusion, no obstruction, no coverup. The mind boggles. How many lols can I put here. And to PM glad your better, I mean it, really.


His cluelessness is his Trump card.

Peter G

I will have to strongly disagree with the idea that Trump understands power or how to use it. He understands how to be a high school mean girl. That doesn’t make him the principal. He has achieved virtually nothing and is unlikely to achieve more with the House in the hands of the Democrats.

Peter G

Have you noticed how no one calls the American President the leader of the free world anymore? I mean without laughing out loud.


Trump doesn't understand power? Yeah I guess that's why he's sitting in the White House, owns the Republican party, and has too-good a chance to stay.


Yes, by your standards Ike was a Democrat.

How 'bout that U.S.S. John McCain. Keep it classy.


I’m sure writers from Sun Tzu to Niccolo Machiavelli would all agree: by all means, we should underestimate (or should we say “misunderestimate”?) our adversaries. It’s a great strategy, or should we say “stratergy”? In more modern times, just look at how it has worked effectively for nearly forty years now.

Peter G

No one is more surprised than Trump that he wound up in the White House. But what amazing things has that allowed him to do? Other than alienate virtually every ally America ever had. No Mexican wall. Nothing but a big fat tax cut that massively benefited the rich. Power is not getting elected. Demonstrating power is using it to achieve your goals. Trump has demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of power. His main goal is obviously to stay out of jail.

Yesterday he stepped on his own dick again. He might have claimed credit for a new NAFTA deal even though it is virtually the same as the old one. Instead he demonstrated with his new announcement of Mexican tariffs that the word of the president and the government of the United States is worth nothing. How does this demonstrate an understanding of power?


Most of what you say is true and is utterly beside the point. Name me ten Republican Senators who would vote to convict. Name me a previous president, beside FDR and no, not Reagan, who owned his party to the degree Trump does. "Power is not getting elected" - seriously?

Great stratergy.


He said he's doing it to stop illegal immigration. I'm no economist or immigration expert but I don't see what this is supposed to accomplish. Besides higher prices on food for the average American consumer? Is there something I'm missing here?


Nope. Not my president. And that was his decision not mine. He only wants to be president of his ego boosters. Oh and if rule of law doesn't apply to him, it doesn't apply to me either. Barr made sure of that.


That is exactly right. He’s not my president either, and that is entirely his choice. He clearly despises most Americans, because his one and only driving impulse is self-aggrandizement, and we’re simply not going to give him the satisfaction. That’s the thing his cult followers still don’t get—that he doesn’t care one bit about them either. They’re just useful tools for propping up his sad little ego.


Agree. It's gotta be easier to hit 400+ mph at Bonneville where there's nothing in the way.

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