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May 28, 2019



Getting rid of "this norm-busting, American institutions-loathing, lawbreaking colossus of sleaze" is necessary, but insufficient. We will all be tainted the GOP is buried in the dungheap of history with a stake through its heart.


No, I respectfully disagree. I have spent my life trying to serve my community, contributing to my society, and voting for people who espoused honorable, humane policy goals. I will take no blame for the ignorant, selfish, hateful people who entrusted our country to this vile excuse for a man.

I am not responsible for the behavior of others. I did not pillage their towns and close the factories that supported them. I did not disrespect anyone or ridicule them. They chose to blame others for the difficulties in their lives.


Sitting here cringing. And there's the visit with the Queen coming up (shudder), where I suppose the GOP will grade the big slob a roaring diplomatic success if he manages not to belch in her face or comment on her breast size or pass gas.

Oh I long for the days of an articulate, graceful president. When they were so desperate for something to criticize that they had to resort to snarking about Dijon mustard and tan suits.


From Biden's spokesperson, a near pitch-perfect response:
"To be on foreign soil, on Memorial Day, and to side repeatedly with a murderous dictator against a fellow American and former Vice President speaks for itself," deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said in a statement. "And it’s part of a pattern of embracing autocrats at the expense of our institutions – whether taking Putin’s word at face value in Helsinki or exchanging ‘love letters’ with Kim Jong Un.”

That's the side I am on. And I didn't vote for Jill Stein in '16 or Ralph Nader in '00.


No SR (are you also know as SAR?) you're not personally responsible, but did you see this coming? A situation where enough people are pissed off enough to vote for an idiot and ,two years on, not regret that choice? I didn't see it even though the town that I was born in became a place without a future..and most people didn't have the means to move away. That was a generation ago.

All this globalisation and free trade has benefitted many but it is also true that a lot of people have been left behind. All our western democracies have ignored those who missed the tide of prosperity, those left behind in sufficient numbers to cause ructions. They have no secure work, less money, no prospects and a huge amount of rage. Trump, Farage, and all the myriad of right wing nut jobs have tapped into that discontent. At the moment they're on a roll and we should have seen it coming but we didn't.


America did not vote for Trump. The will of the voters was thwarted, as it was in 2000 with the Supreme Court giving us Bush the Lesser, when the will of the voters was also thwarted.

The overwhelming majority of Trump voters have never not voted for the Republican. That magic “R” guarantees more than two out of five American voters will always – always – vote for the Republican. And they will always vote for the Republican. Can we please remember there are more of us?

It will be twenty-five years ago this fall that I learned how meaningful “everyone is responsible” “everyone is accountable” really proves to be, when a prestigious university hospital killed my twin sons and nearly killed my wife. You read that right. In a different time or a different country, she would have died also.

So don’t give me “everyone is responsible” when it means no one is responsible and zero accountability. Pretending that people like you and me are in any way responsible for this crime boss and Russian traitor being in the White House is as grotesque a perversion of the meaning of accountability as can be found.


Hello, Mary. My opinion? Bad stuff happens in everyone's life. Of course I'm sympathetic when someone loses a job or suffers because of national policies. Government should help with retraining and support as much as possible to make people independent again. We should help our neighbors as much as possible. But I believe that it's your responsibility as an adult to manage your own life and not lash out destructively when you've had a bad break.

Did you get married and have kids before you got an education or acquired a saleable skill? Did you spend extravagantly and ruin your finances. We all screw up! Start from where you are and figure out how to move forward. In my opinion, your frustration does not give you a pass on voting to throw our country under the bus.

It is not appropriate to act like a petulant child just because life is hard. It's hard for a lot of us.

Peter G

Okay. I have firmly limited my internet based inputs and outputs while enjoying French civilization. And while I am still in a country which has apparently made it illegal to prepare food that is not delicious I will hew to that resolve. But I must confess I miss the rough and tumble of politics. I will note that most of the people here in France
seem completely unconsumed by politics.


Happy to see that you're back. You've been missed.


It's not about bad stuff that happens to everyone. It's not that people lose a job and need to retrain. It's about people who never had a chance, have never had a job..and they do exist. This is not a bad break, it's about a lifetime of struggle with rubbish education, poor housing, and dependency on the state from cradle to grave which is ingrained in the culture because there is no opportunity for ninety percent of the people who live in these ghettos,

I attended the local primary school from the ages from 5-7, then a private elementary school where all the parents were professional people and the fees were high. Later the government grammar school in a large city which was mostly populated by middle class kids from aspirational families. Although there were some poorer kids they were in the minority. The people left behind had no option to spend extravagantly. They never had any money. They still don't. I don't think that we're on the same page here. Of course,I am talking from an English perspective .

I married at quite a young age and we didn't have much but we did have supportive families and that's a safety net. We also did a load of stupid stuff, spent money on luxuries, and had children that we thought we could provide for as and when. Quite irresponsible really? We certainly had no great plan but we were part of society and we never doubted that.


It's terribly sad about your twin sons. If it was negligence then something should have been done. Certainly, incompetent doctors should be taken out. As the daughter of, and the mother of a doctor, I would say with confidence that the medical profession is caring and meticulous. Of course, mistakes happen in every sphere of endeavour and mostly they can be rectified. Not so if it costs a life. I'm so sorry that this happened to you and your wife.


Thank you for your kind words. It was complex and ghastly. Our wonderful ob/gyn was on his honeymoon and came back just as it all unraveled. We never sought legal remedy as we didn't want to lose him, and more than anything we simply wanted to have the children we were destined to have. Which we eventually did.

My point was more on the concept of accountability and the meaningless of when everyone is supposedly accountable.

A few years ago I read a study that concluded the main source of medical malpractice lawsuits was: malpractice.

Perspective is all: I work with a woman whose college-age daughter was murdered by her daughter's ex-boyfriend. If you met this woman, you would never know; she went through an unbearable tragedy (just three years ago) and she is the embodiment of graciousness.

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