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May 19, 2019


I don't want to get my hopes up. In some way his party will most likely get him to back down.

I’m sure this has nothing to do with Tecton , the Chinese company he and his brother own. Do you suppose he is feeling the tariffs pinching a bit. Maybe it’s the family owned import business , bringing in stuff from China and claiming its American made. He is a lightweight.
But an impeachment trial would be a hoot. Bring it.

On a lighter note did any one see the pic of the Mexican dude, wearing the bright red MAGA shirt. In the fine print underneath it said . Mexicans Always get Across. Now that’s funny.

How many indictments and convictions to date, Keith?

No collusion Max , how difficult is that for you to understand. 18 angry democrats , 1 deep state rino. 2 years and millions of dollars. And no collusion.
And then we can talk about Biden’s problems with the Chinese and Ukrainians , I’m sure all of you want to get to them bottom of that. And you know Old sleepy joe has been in the swamp for 50 years or so , and now he is gonna fix things. Sure takes him a while to get going.

The only thing that make me think maybe not is that instead of just a sound bite where he can later be forced to claim he was "misquoted" or else do the shameless thing the Republicans do where they say they didn't say the thing that they said that is right there on tape, is that he went to the trouble of doing a fairly lengthy twitter thread being pretty blunt and pointed.

But then I guess he could say that an intern got into his account and is being dealt with. Because he would never write such a thing. Because he loves Trump and wants him to be on the Iron Throne and unleash dragons on 50% of the country.

Who knows.

Is Keith another limey troll??

How many indictments and convictions to date, Keith?

If he owns it, how is it a Chinese company?

How do you know there was no collusion?

As a Limey who doesn't know Keith, and reckons he American, can I ask why his Limeiness is relevant?

"Honorable Republican". Means one that will side with Democrats. Always has. That "other" Honorable Republican, Mitt Romney, explained to the useful idiot Amash that there simply is no case to be made.

This article reeks with smug arrogance which continues to get in the way of good emotional health.

Ok no one wants to talk about sleepy Joe. So to answer the questions.
Max don’t know exactly , but how come these folks threatened with financial ruin and destruction of their families have not lead to the Presidents indictment ? The full power of the federal government brought to bear and Mueller can’t get enough to impeach.

Jason , Mueller and Barr said so. I haven’t read the report , has anyone here read it ?

Pablo are you another fucking idiot ? Is anyone you disagree a troll ? My family left Cornwall 150 years ago , so maybe a slice of lime is left.

Mary , like some others here who have weak minds , name calling is all Pablo has. Maybe Pablo is a beaner troll.

Oh Sorry Jason didn’t mean to leave you out. The factory is in China. Any company in China has the Chicom party as a business partner. You know can of like the DNC and the legacy media.

“Like some others who have weak minds, name calling is all Pablo has...Pablo is a beaner troll.”


How many indictments and convictions to date, Whitewall?

What is that number?

You missed the part where Mueller is furious with Barr.

75 percent of Tekton Tools are purchased from Apex Tool Group's factory in Taiwan. 15 percent are made in the USA, 10 percent are made in China. Apex is building a new factory in China now, so more of their tools will be manufactured there. Apex Tools is an American holding company owned by Bain Capital.

To the extent it is correct to say that any company in China has the Chicom party as a business partner, then it is correct to say that the Trump organization has the Chicom party as a business partner. It is incorrect, however, to say that Tekton is "in China" since they only buy products from a company that is "in China." Tekton has no "factory in China."

If Keith's point is that Trump is disloyal scum, I think we all can agree with him. Keith has done a marvelous job of establishing that fact, although I can't fathom why he bothered, since everybody already knew it.

By the way, did anybody catch the name of the Trumpie that stepped forward to primary Amash?

It's an MI State Rep. named...get this...Jim Lower!

There should be some great campaign slogans in this race. Pass the popcorn.

Perfect for a regime where there is no bottom. How low can they go? Lower still.

He says he's pro Trump. Shouldn't he be pro United States of America first?

I thought the name calling and personal insults to other commenters supposed to be out of bounds now.

Perhaps it is referencing one who shall not be named. I think - hope - Pablo meant no offense.

I guess some people didn't get the memo, Anne.

And it seems some of them are willing to rehash Fox News nonsense here as well.

Pro tip: Don't refer to our host and the commenters here as "your ilk" only to whine later about being labeled - correctly - as a troll. Don't spout lies so preposterous even the poster doesn't believe them, and then whine about being labeled a troll.

It's like they don't read their own words.

Well well well. It looks like the house freedom caucus is not amused:

Apparently to them "freedom" is just another word for "conform".

What amazes me is that as soon as our host announces he's out of the office, we get a post of the usual Faux News talking points topped off with a racial pejorative. I guess, for whatever reason, permanent banishment is the goal.

Very informative. I think this man is great!

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