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May 15, 2019


Bolton is another chicken hawk - eager for someone else's kids to shed blood and die halfway around the world, but was a coward himself when he came of draft age during the Vietnam War era.

Send him and Trump in first.

Apparently there's a YouTube of Dan Rather asking Trump to show his bone spurs.

He ended the nuclear agreement to "own the libs". Now he wants to send thousands of young people to an early grave just to create a diversion from his corruption. I thought one reason his drooling fanboys liked that he said he didn't want to get the U.S. in "stupid wars". Now he can potentially top Bush the Lesser in the stupid wars department. He's an addict. Once the initial high of coddling dictators and being belligerent towards allies, he needs to move on to something stronger. The most predictable and cruelest bitch move he's ever made. Just save his own fat orange ass.

Less than six months ago der Cheetofuhrer tried to order the 2,000 remaining U.S. troops out of Syria. Now he wants to throw 120,000 back in. I doubt he even knows where Iran is on the map.

Note that he's now denying that he said it.

What are you gonna believe, what I said, or what I said I said? Or what I'm saying now about what I said I didn't say?

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