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May 29, 2019



Why can't a sitting president be charged with a crime, especially in the Trump era? This is the age of bulldozing all the "norms" why should this one be any different?


It's incomprehensible. They keep saying that the President is not above the law. He is.


That was a ruling in the early-70s, pre-Watergate (I think). It was not a good ruling but don't expect it to changed until we win next November.

We can't rush this. Pelosi is right. Impeachment in the House is as inevitable as was before today. Acquittal in the Senate is also as inevitable. (And let's not kid ourselves there. Yes, make them pay, although look at their states and see the Trump margins of wins. We can so only some, but sure, lets.) So it needs to be timed out. Other damning evidence is coming from the multiple investigations. We don't want the acquittal before the caucuses and the primaries.

The longer Pelosi waits, the more evidence accumulates. We know Trump will use the acquittal in his campaign, so let's not give it too soon. And make it a hollow victory, where many more of Trump's criminality is revealed. We need to time the impeachment and acquittal so it maximizes our victory in November, '20 - and we may need a blow-out in order to keep the Republicans from stealing this election. And they have quite a record of stealing elections at this point.

As we have known for a year or so, and it won't change, the path to Trump's removal runs through the 2020 Election. There are more of us than them.


Yeah, well there were more of us in 2016 and in 2000. Please will some of the brighter lights that comment here tell me where in the US Constitution says that a sitting President cannot be charged with a crime......would that not make impeachment moot? Or where is the law from the 70's as noted above, or is this just another Republican "law: that only applies to a Rep. Pres. I am so sick of Dems playing "safe" politics while our democracy goes down the toilet.


It was a DOJ ruling; sorry I did not note that.

We won't have to contend with Ralph Nader or Jill Stein in 2020. Or the fruits of a billion dollar right-wing smear. Don't underestimate how much of the population really hates Hillary Clinton.

Name me ten Republican Senators who will vote to convict. This is why time is not on Trump's side.

Another Matt

According to the policy, as the head of the executive branch, a sitting president can't be indicted because that's a function of the executive branch and it subverts the chain of command. The remedy is, of course, impeachment by the legislative branch, but that's not the same as a criminal indictment.

I'd be curious to know if (hypothetically) the attorney general can be indicted on federal charges, since the power to indict goes through the authority of that office.

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