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May 17, 2019


Take any data from Staten Island with a grain of salt if not outright dismissal. Here is how Trump faired in the five boroughs of New York:

Brooklyn: 18%
Queens: 22%
Manhattan: 10%
Bronx: 9%
Staten Island: 56%

So Trump is loathed in his hometown, with the sole exception of Staten Island.
(Source: Dave Leip's Atlas of US Elections, via Kevin Drum)

Kamala Harris is more serious than about 80% of the other candidates.

In my opinion, the large number of Dem candidates helps no one as much as it helps Joe Biden. It's quite possible that Joe could sweep the first four primaries with 25 percent of the vote, and have the nomination sewn up by the end of February.

As distracted as I have been about Paris and now Lyon I thought I would take a moment to catch up. Basically I agree with Ed. Joe’s support is solid and enough for him to create an overwhelming delegate count early in the festivities. He has too many supporters for any other candidate to risk an anybody but Joe campaign. It wouldn’t help them one bit.

Just don't be distracted to the point of ignoring Lyon's train station. Or perhaps I'm recalling Marseille's. One of them is a real thing of beauty, but my memory of geography is terrible and I'd need my daughter to remind me which was which. Because I'm an idiot.

It is indeed. a thing of beauty. Much in this country is. We dawdle here in Lyon for a few days and thence by river to Avignon. Where it is my atheistic intention to undertake a pilgrimage of sorts. I will find that square where one finds the Cafe Victor Hugo and so follow in the shoes of the Carpenter’s Dad or, as she is known to her followers Ellie.

I just remembered, Peter. It was Lyon's airport — not its train station — that was so unadmirable, The authorities there kept thousands of us confined to the lower level because of an unsubstantiated terrrorist scare. We damn near stormed its Bastille because of so many missed flights. It was quite a true, "populist" movement. It was Marseille's train station that was so delightful. And you're correct about Avignon. I'd relocate there, or Valance, which is endlessly charming. Enjoy your visit to the popes' palace in Avignon, perhaps the world's gaudiest architectural monstrosity. (The Victor Hugo Cafe is is n Valance.)

Guys, you have your own language. Incomprehensible to us serfs.

Seems like a lot of people running for VP.

Lyons is a city in France. Hope that helps!

Thanks Mr. Villien. I've been there. My problem was more with Carpenter's dad being known as Ellie. I'm sure that Peter knows what he meant and the rest of us can make an educated guess. I was just nit-picking in a light hearted way.

May I suggest that PM should run for VP? He would give Joe some credibility.

Mary Nary. There's a head scratcher.

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