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May 16, 2019


Dear Leader is blameless in all things. His servants must be accountable to him but he must never be expected to be accountable to the people. I just hope the media does its damn job this time not like when they were cheerleading Bush the Lesser's tragic blunder.

Just like the invasion of Iraq in advance of the 2004 elections, this is largely about making Trump a "war-time president" in advance of the 2020 elections.

Now it looks like Trump is backing down. The biggest problem here is John Bolton who is just itching for a war - any war.

Here is a new piece from the underrated, always thoughtful Fred Kaplan, He notes a war with Iran wouldn't be anything like Iraq; it would be much worse.

Recall when Dick Cheney floated the idea of invasion of Iran, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to a person, vehemently discouraged this foolish fantasy.

Trump is not going to grow out his 46.09% base. Funny how all the trial matchups have different numbers for different Democrats, while Trump is always at 42%.

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