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May 17, 2019


Republicans have no room to complain. It's a given that they will spend the next democratic president's term investigating right, left and sideways.

Welcome to the "Cold Civil War". We on the Right didn't start it. November 2016, we have joined it. At the core:
Pathological altruism is at the root of the liberal left’s crisis of
authority. The left derives its
sense of moral authority from the supposition that its intentions are
altruistic and its opponents’ are selfish. That sense of moral superiority
makes it easy to justify immoral behavior, like slandering critics of
President Obama as racist–or using the power of the Internal Revenue Service
to suppress them. It seems entirely plausible that the Internal Revenue
Service officials who targeted and harassed conservative groups thought they
were doing their patriotic duty. If so, what a perfect example of
pathological altruism. It only got worse from there. Here we are.

Thank you. You explained how it is that so many family values/patriotic/Give our country back to the Christian Lord Republicans justify supporting an immoral/adulterous/avaricious/hate monger like Trump.

Thank you. It's their sense of moral superiority that justifies the selfishness. "Sense" and "moral" used loosely but there we are.

Trump is a means. Not a solution. We didn't hire him because we liked him. A Cold Civil War requires two to play. We're in.

Maybe you can swap you flag pin for the more stylish gold hammer and sickle against a red star background.

Nah, Max. Whitewall sounds more like the "black funny-looking cross with four broken legs in a white circle on a red background" type to me.

Or one of those Libertoonian Randroid types who think any altruism is "pathological". (I was briefly one of those, back when I was young and stupid.)

Not "any altruism". During the twentieth century, tens of
millions of individuals were killed under despotic regimes that rose to
power through appeals to altruism. An understanding that altruism can
produce great evil as well as good is crucial to the defense of human
freedom and dignity. Altruism in its proper form is a benefit to society. When taken over to justify the appetites of a political ideology, it no longer has the "good" aspect. Misused, altruism can justify shouting down speakers or attacking speakers on campus, attacking people in public restaurants because of their beliefs, mobs marching to the homes of people who have different views that are contrary to the "proper" views that drive the mob. Mobs that dress up like cartoon characters and engage in fascist tactics while proclaiming themselves to be "anti-fascist". These sorts of things make up the pathological aspect. It is justification, therefore good.

Years ago, my husband went through a Libertarian phase. It was part of his mid life crisis. He decided it was time to look out for #1! He even dragged me to a Libertarian meeting. What struck me was that as a group they were all in agreement about the individual...until one individual struck out on his own with a thought and then the group ganged up on him for being so individual and then it all went south. :-) My husband grinned at me and we left.

The sandwiches were good though. And they were free.

A very good illustration, if unwitting, one-dimensional poster child for the politics of resentment. Nothing more.

Libertarian is a waste of time. A libertarian candidate needs no opponent because after about 15 minutes of debate, he will contradict himself and become his own opponent. He will then claim he is standing on "principle".

The politics of "resentment" is the very nature of "progressivism". No prog will be sufficiently progressive enough to suit the ideological purity demand of the others. The "progressive" must by nature always be activist. If he stops, he will begin to notice the deficiencies of his peer group. Then the long knives come out. That scenario should sound familiar back to about 1917 and coming forward to today.

Libertarianism is just a form of narcissism.

Oh absolutely. That's why it was so startling when my big, kind, decent husband dabbled (briefly) with the idea. Like I said, mid life crisis. He was in a bad mood. But at least he spared me the little red car and the 22 year old blonde. So all was forgiven. :-)

Ha! Best laugh of the day so far.

Good friend, older dad, driving with teenage daughter. Friend sees middle-age man driving a hot sports car.
Friend: "There goes a guy driving his mid-life crisis mobile."
Daughter: "What was your mid-life crisis, Dad?"
Friend: "You."


And it's easy to be libertarian when you're white and grew up in middle class to wealthy circumstances. They're people who have never suffered and have always been comfortably insulated from the pain and suffering of others.

More than mere white privilege, and arrested development, libertarianism - and yet even more so its putrid big sister Randianism - is as absolutely spiritually dead as Marxism. . . as we enter our second century having these and other hypnotic, poisonous ideologies leaving a trail of wreckage in their wakes.

I'm reading what you wrote there and I am just scratching my head. At first I thought you were maybe just trying to instigate, but on the assumption that you're being sincere:

The Right is a perfect hornet's nest of people, either sincerely, or opportunistically, demanding ideological purity. (Remember the Tea Party?) And they must always be activist, or else how else to keep churning up the resentments of their base for either votes or cash. And if they stop they'd have to notice the deficiencies and the hypocrisies of their peers.

And elsewhere you had referenced "mobs marching" and my mind was filled with tiki torches in Charlottesville, and you mentioned what you viewed as false accusations of racism when the other soldiers in your cold war cheered on Trump's birtherism if it got him office. (You said "Trump is a means". And the fact is if you go along with racism you don't need to burn a single cross to be a member of the whites only Klub.)

And I'm sure by saying this I'm inviting a long knife to come out. But it just happens to be a true.

If I've learned anything in my 68 years, it's that nothing is out of bounds while developing a belief system. Whether it's politics, religion, conspiracies, or even flat eartherism, it's about whatever gets you through the night.

This so-called "Cold Civil War", IMHO, is a direct result of the 24 hour for profit news cycle and especially the ridiculous world of social media. (Remember when the evening newscast was a money losing public service?) People don't like to feel alone and now they can belong to a group, even if it requires accepting some strange or uncomfortable beliefs. Until recent years, the racists and other crazies have remained largely under the radar due to social pressure, but they're out in force now with all their like minded new "friends".

I know this is overly simplistic but you get the idea.

"Laws are maintained in credit, not because they are essentially just, but because they are laws. It is the mystical foundation of their authority; they have none other." ~ Michel de Montaigne

Indeed and you are the South.

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