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May 16, 2019


He doesn't know and doesn't care. He's probably waiting for the propagandists on Fox and Fiends to tell him how to think.

The Trump Doctrine is:

"Will it get me attention on Twitter?...Are they praising it on Fox and Friends?...Can I make a personal profit from it?...Is it simplistic and juvenile enough that I can sort of understand while I'm simultaneously watching tv and uses no more words than I can sort of comprehend and digest them in the time it takes to eat a Big Mac?...Will it help me stick it to anybody who was ever mean to me (including anybody who didn't praise me much less had the gall to say I was wrong?)..Is it the opposite of what Barack Obama did or said or supported?...Is it mean spirited and bigoted and greedy and depraved enough that I can sense my daddy Fred Trump would approve and maybe I'd feel like he loved me?..Can I have my picture taken with Ivanka while I'm supporting it?"

Actually you don't need all that. And you don't even need 2 words. His doctrine is "ME".


A coward, and has never shown a shred of honor, under any circumstances, this two-bit thug, crime boss and Russian traitor.

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