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May 30, 2019



Well that's three Republicans. And not one in any position to do anything. This is meaningless. The Trump sucking republicans wouldn't have anything to do with these people.


Donald Trump has become the DNC establishment/MSM/Never Trumpers' "Moby Dick". They are collectively Ahab. There was no obstruction of justice because "justice" has never been the goal of the Mueller-Deep State-DNC-Never Trump cabal. This two year effort has been an attempted coup and take down of Donald Trump. Trump is supposed to be a willing participant in a coup against his own presidency? No.

Let's have Mueller called before the House, under oath, and let him be questioned by Nadler's committee. Then before Lindsay Graham's Senate committee. Under oath for both. Mueller wants out of the whole mess and left alone. He knows what he was a part of and acted like he didn't. He knows how close to legal jeopardy he might be.

All this after the report demand for "integrity" is so much eye wash. Forget it.

Green Clemson

Democrats should be out there forcefully on Fox News, right-wing and mainstream media pushing the proven fact Trump ordered and carried out acts of obstruction. They may or may not be prosecutable under civil code, but they are certainly highly unethical and improper and even illegal. (Not everything that's illegal is prosecutable, hopefully everybody learned that from the Hillary e-mail scandal). Again if the Republicans were in the Democrats' position, they'd do a much better job forcefully laying down this truth every chance they got. I've seen representatives skillfully pivot from this to discussing legislation but it doesn't happen often enough. It's a tough balancing act but it can be done.


I doubt Comey, Mueller et al are in the least concerned. Anyone who knows how law enforcement works knows that this investigation was run by the book.

It is only Trumpalos who are ignorant of law enforcement, the law and best intelligence practices who spew this tripe.

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