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June 26, 2019


I cannot personally speak to the mental health of hatters or even shithouse rats. My father often referred to those less tethered to reality as being crazy as a shithouse rat. I merely speculate that getting regularly bombed by feces probably has long term effects akin to PTSD in rodents resident in outhouses. But others are probably just depressed by the endless rain of crap. And that, I would submit, is the only sane reaction to Trump. Trump is the mental health equivalent of Typhoid Mary.

Dear President Art-of-the-Deal, does it really seem like a good plan to antagonize the person who going before Congress to talk about you???? Just sayin'......

Trump's constant way of shooting himself in the foot reminds me of a line from Toby Zeigler in the West Wing. "This administration does not even need an opposition party, do you know that? We do just fine by ourselves."

Off topic I know, but I'm watching the democratic debate and I think Bill de Blasio needs to shut the hell up. He's obnoxious and adds nothing of value to the topics being discussed.

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