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June 30, 2019


Even in his 90's Carter is far more lucid than the 73 year old syphilis ridden Trump.

Nice to see that Trump agrees with Carter. Trump has more than once said Russian aid would delegitimize his presidency. That was why he worked so hard to stop anyone from finding out about it.

And having defeated brain cancer, no less.

Ok so now Mueller is a lier , and poor senile Jimmy Earl, is an authority. You guys are really straining to keep the collusion story alive. On the other hand my tomatoes are doing great.

Gloat while you can, Dinosaur Keith. An asteroid named "Demographic Change" is coming for you and your kind.

Yeah and you are the dude saying I love sharks hoping they might eat you last.

Still waiting for the Qanon signal are you Keith? Any minute now right?

Is qanon about Jimmy Earl or the tomatoes ? It’s hard to keep up with you conspiracy theorist.

This is a test comment from Typepad Support.

Very true, Anne!

Just so you know Laura, Keith was never very good at taking tests.

His comment wasn’t coherent enough to bother giving it any thought, a trait common amongst the Trump cult.

Au contraire Pete , I was very good at taking test’s . Just didn’t retain much of anything after that. I got my valuable education in the business world, and the library.
I still don’t know what qanon has to do with my tomatoes.

I've mentioned before that I have a Trump sympathiser in the family. It's concerning but he has his own mind and he's decided, even though the rest of us are totally opposed. It's not indoctrination, it's not stupidity. I think it's a massive kickback against the rate of societal change. He was also good at taking tests and earns a ton of money. He stays humble and kind. I can't reconcile his political opinion with his persona.

And I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Jimmy Carter. Such a very good and clever man.

Ann if your not concerned about “the rate of societal change” your just not paying attention. Did you see the demo “debates” ? Nut jobs and losers . Sleepy Joe got smoked by Kamala , who Willie Brown , who knows here well, really well, like biblically well, says can’t beat Trump. Free healthcare for criminal aliens, yeah boy ,that’s a winner. Oh boy ,and AOC ,the gift that keeps on giving.
Normalization of deviant behavior , support of communism, Antifa, Fake News, it’s not just societal change , it’s societal decline. Wake up and smell the rot.

Your right about Jimmy Earl, mostly a good man, but not so much a good Prez.

That’s okay Keith. No one has any idea what your tomatoes have to do with anything. Now about these sharks that are about to eat us all. Care to clarify what they might be?

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