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June 25, 2019


Curious to know who Goldberg supports, because I’m sure we could sift through whoever-it-is’s every recorded utterance and find something we could construe as horribly appalling.

It seems that whatever the media left tries to do to hurt Biden, the voters aren't having it.

Oh my God! She used the E word? She questioned his electability? I am astounded. Why, you ask, am I so overwrought? Because it has been explained to me by literally every Twitter person I asked, that questioning their favorite candidate's electability is tantamount to using the Harry Potter Unforgivable Curse Aveda Kedavra publicly on a basket full of puppies. It is always somethingist.

I am pretty much immune at this point to left wing synthetic outrage. But I have been for a long time and almost as long as I have had Acquired Bullshit Sensitivity from exposure to right wing bullshit. And that is a long time.

I'm looking for one thing in a democratic presidential candidate: can he or she beat Trump. Period. This is not the time for purity tests

Bullshit writing like this helps explain why "sad times have landed on the political journalism front". I hit the headlines a few times a day just to see if we've bombed Iran or Trump has had a heart attack yet.

The Carpentariat and Juanita Jean's (for a little political humor from a Texas mom's point of view) are my only regular indulgences.

I’ll be damned. I remember Juanita from some of her hilarious guest posts at a few places I used to frequent like C&L. Didn’t know she had her own site. Thanks.

Polling would indicate that most, including Bernie, could do that. Trump is likely to be the only president since polling was invented to never top 50 percent in popularity polling. The Democrats actually have quite a few respectable candidates with good futures. Which I find interesting because it wasn’t long ago that the punditry were assuring us all that the Democratic talent pool had dried up. I just wish a few had decided to go for a senate seat where the Republicans are also vulnerable, or more so, because of their pumpkin headed leader.

Perhaps there will be some good house democrats running for the senate. I've learned (and it took me awhile) to take what they say with a pillar of salt. Yes it is true that polls show Trump losing to most of the democrats running, I guess I'm looking for the one who will beat him the hardest. Not another 2016 where the democrat wins the popular vote and loses at the electoral college.

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