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June 27, 2019


That would be exactly how you do that. I have seen much speculation, including such august speculators as Paul Krugman, as to why Warren held up her hand to the question of ending private health insurers. The consensus seems to be that she needed to suck the wind from Bernie's progressive sails. And that later, if elected, she would back away from this commitment. I think they are mistaken to this degree. If she wants to be the candidate she'll need to start hedging that commitment a lot sooner.

On the plus side progressives have almost always been the incubators of progress. I don't think anyone knows the ratio of good ones to loopy ones when it comes to policy. It seems to vary. But when the time is ripe and the public is ready for a good one then the progressives have the joy of watching more centrist politicians swoop in and steal their thunder. And all those poor progressives can do is stand there and say "you Centrist Bastards, here we go again!"

Yes Peter, the progressives may steal an idea here and there but they can't embrace the whole programme because it can't be funded. Bernie Sanders is a match for Jeremy Corbyn...they seek utopia and ignore reality at their peril. As we have just found out in Australia, you can suggest great stuff which will enable funding for schools, hospitals and mental health services..and most people say that it sounds great. All the polls told them that Labor would romp home. It didn't happen because all those nice people who're comfortably well-off would like all this stuff to happen by magic, but they don't wish to pay for it.

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