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June 26, 2019


This is why the White House Correspondents' Dinner shouldn't even be a thing. I will never forget the image of David Gregory dancing with Karl Rove.

I am going to disagree with both AnneJ and our host regarding the WHC Dinner. I would agree that it very rarely has entertainment value but like the fungus seen on the surface it annually assures us that symbiotic relationship, the mutualism variety, hidden below is still healthy and operating. I do not see how it could not exist given the nature of political reporting. Careers in this field of journalism have always been dependent on access. He or she with the fattest rolodex (remember those) wins. And you don't get that without providing a quid pro quo. I seriously doubt I have to provide examples of this phenomena. I would be typing for days.

If the Dinner dies we shall just have to look elsewhere for evidence that nothing whatsoever has changed. Like a party to celebrate Sarah Sanders. She crapped on them every day and they played catch.

I don't really have a problem with the WHC Dinner but this farewell party was a travesty. You always hear about these journalists protecting their access, but access to what? WH press briefings have been nothing but attacks on the press as enemies of the state and lies, lies, and more lies. It seems to me that investigative journalism would be time better spent.

I wouldn't say she crapped on them every day. She hardly ever showed up to work.

Having carelessly commented that I didn't truly hate this woman, not nearly enough anyway, and being of perverse mind, I do find her slightly funny. And before you start, it's because she's a gal called in to do a job. She may have gone missing recently...well who can blame her? But from what I've seen she's done a super human, poe-faced effort, never modulating her voice and taking a bit of stick on behalf of your President at some dinner ,or other, that she had to attend in his place. At some stage she went missing. Good on her. Get another stooge, Donald.

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