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June 29, 2019


Sounds wonderful!

I don't think it will be as bad as all that. I mean, this is a primary, so all the candidates are going to try to win. I take Booker and Harris at their word that they were personally hurt by this anecdote of Biden's. He should be a bit more careful with what he brings up, even in private fundraisers (with the press allowed in). He had over a week to come up with something to say, and didn't do it. He needs to be less defensive and more capable of saying he didn't understand how hurtful this was (IMHO). Other candidates will get targeted - how they handle it helps people to understand how they would handle Trump, and how they would be as President.

Nice to see the various candidates (including Biden) defending Harris against Trumpist's racist attacks.

Sue in Seattle

An impromptu break is always good...enjoy yourselves.

I have to agree with Sue here. You have a large number of candidates who all would like to win so they're going to go after each other. This whole format of debates is a recipe for disunity. When you choose your man (or woman) then, but not until then, the democratic party will back that person without reservation.

I don't understand all the talk about how Biden was unprepared for this and supposedly had all this time to prepare for it and he didn't do it. I thought his response was entirely appropriate. He politely explained that she mischaracterized the situation but no, that wasn't good enough. He wasn't ready with a one-line zinger. So that means he was caught flat-footed and "lost" the debate. So that's what it's come to.

He said it was a complete characterization, which was true, then said that he opposed the Dept. of Education being in charge of busing, because it should be a local issue, which is a huge dog whistle for states' rights. Come on, all you Biden apologists (you too, PM!), just admit he blew it!!

Enjoy the break. You picked a nice little burg. It is off the beaten path when you are heading to Chicago. I like off the beaten path. Don’t know about the burgers but I do remember a place that sold brownies the size of a chessboard. Best I could ever eat a fraction of too.


*Mischaracterization, gah!

No need to be rude, Tony.

Is it just me that doesn't like the reversal in comment-order? That is, that the latest comment appears on top when it used to come lower down. (Unless directed at a particular commentator). The commentary here often builds upon the previous remarks without specific attribution..because it addresses the issues of more than one person. It's a discussion that feels more dislocated.

I rest my case.

I think you’re mischaracterizing my critique of Biden. No one’s saying he needed a one-line zinger, though that never hurts. He just needed a clear, succinct response to what he should’ve known was coming.

By the way, I love PM’s comments section. We can be a feisty bunch, but we don’t resort to rudeness or personal insults. It’s only politics after all.

I don't post often enough, maybe...but it bothers me that the landlord decides so early in the race that there's only one candidate.

I thought Harris' approach was well within the bounds and it's a bad sign that Biden did not have a better answer. It was unforced error in the first place to try to sell Democrats about his amazing rapport with Senators of his own party.

All of whom are now dead and not here to ...uh, defend themselves? Dig their own graves further by blurting out how appalled they were and are to see someone like Harris getting near the race?

To borrow a phrase, "I don't say you're racist, but other racists think you're racist."

I don't like it either.

So why is segregation as bad as ever and in some cases worse. Even San Francisco’s very ambitious plan has turned out to be a total failure. It is worse there now than ever. Ask yourself what it was supposed to fix. Was that brotherly love or something? I think you will find it was supposed to correct disparity in school funding that made schools separate but not equal. It sure did not do that did it. Correcting funding disparities which was and remains the problem is also beyond the purview of the federal government. It is a state responsibility. It always was. And a lot of states don’t want to fix it either.

Peter, you’ll get no argument from me on those points. Biden didn’t need to go into full policy analysis mode and all the reasons policy persistently fails the black community. He just needed to say something that “sounded” credible without resorting to states rights of all things. And he needed to sound prepared and eloquent in his response.

I think so too but I wonder if that isn’t something I could address in my own settings. We will see. In any event I am sure our host could correct this when he is back from vacation.

I agree that it certainly wasn’t the most adept reply. Busing however was never popular and I am now watching all the other candidates be put on the spot about their plans to reinvigorate it. Which none of them seem to want to do. Warren’s plan already failed in San Francisco. And that plan was to liberate all parents from school districting and allow them to select and prioritize in order which schools they preferred.

Apparently no one gave the slightest consideration of how to get kids to those schools. Imagine if you will a recycling system that sent a truck to your street to pick up clear glass bottles, then another for brown, then green, then another for paper, and then plastic. That was what this proposed system demanded from busing except that it required a lot more different buses because there were a lot more schools. So they went with parents getting their kids to school on their own. Since this depended on the financial ability of parents to do this I am sure you can guess what happened. Parents with the most financial resources picked and got all the places in what were generally perceived as the best schools. Which is why segregation in SF is as bad or possibly worse than ever.

Yea. His shop so he gets to do that. Just like every other left wing blogger who is still blogging. Now about those other candidates who think Biden was wrong and racist about busing? What are their proposals to restore busing as a glorious and righteous policy? I am not seeing a whole lot of that. Are you? Does that mean they look like racists too?

In fairness I have proposed a solution to help them out. Like reparations they can endorse studying its utility but just not commit political suicide by actually trying to do it. Alternatively they can endorse busing fully but not until millions of electric school buses are available. Global warming don’t you know.

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