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July 31, 2019


So, no instant gratification; is that what you imply?

Parents haven’t changed at all. Interestingly enough the funding disparity at the root of separate but not equal is much reduced but still exists. Nevertheless stupidity about this issue persists. Alvin Chang wrote one of the dumbest pieces I have ever read. He argues that the problem persists because students could not be force bused between districts. Which by the way evolved from the original conception as both white and then economic flight led to the creation or expansion of wealthier suburban districts. Would busing children much farther and sending half of them to a school with inferior funding correct the funding problem. Why no it wouldn’t would it.

What is interesting is that the real funding disparity problem is now rural vs urban. Anybody suggesting busing to fix that? The upshot is that our host is completely unexceptional in not wanting their child to be forced to attend an inferior school. I have never met a parent who wanted that. And they can all vote.

How about just fixing the funding problem and let nature take its entropic course.

Can't they just fund all of the schools equally?

That is what I would make my goal.

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