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July 29, 2019


You get the impression though that Dopey Don thinks House members are gauleiters who are in charge of everything in their districts.

Why doesn't King Orange Shit of Turd Mountain and all his drooling fanboys just come right out and say the word? We know they want to. They know they want to. Just be out with it already. Now that would be refreshing.

I suppose the fact that the mayor and many other folks in that pitiful place agree with the Pres has no bearing.
National Public TeeVee had a show about the rat problem in Charm City. It’s in the richest state in the nation , with Democrats in charge since forever. Why is calling a shithole what it is, racist ?
Spend some time in Shithole Appalachia , it’s full of whitefolks. They have rats too, maybe not as many ,and they mostly kill themselves not each other.

Oh yeah folks , when everything is racist, nothing is racist. Y’all need a new pony to ride .

So Keith, when has Trump ever mentioned what a shithole Appalachia is? Or that the worst fifty shithole counties in the US are predominantly white? You should Tweet him of your wisdom so he doesn't have to seem completely racist by mentioning only areas that are predominantly Black or Hispanic. In fact you should tell all your Trumper friends. Spread the news. And when they take up the banner of Truth why nobody will accuse them of racism. When they learn how awful White people are at governance, particularly in red states where most of those shithole counties are then we have truths everyone can agree on.

Oh they long to do that Anne. So much so that they have switched from dog whistles to foghorns.

I was wondering the same thing. I don't hear dear leader attacking the predominantly white shitholes with the same vitriol. He and his supporters really think they're fooling everyone.

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