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July 30, 2019


Matt Lewis (yes I know, but he's correct here) in an article at The Daily Beast summed it up very well:

"Many Americans view Trump as a uniquely dangerous president, so there is an implicit obligation for Democrats to nominate someone who can beat him.

Beating Trump will require a candidate who has the energy and toughness to take on a world class virtuoso at Twitter trolling, hurling off-the-cuff comebacks and discovering and exposing his opponents weaknesses."

Joe gets all that. But tonight he has to show that he has the energy and the toughness, (energy mostly). While retaining his "Joeness". But if he can do that, then he must show us. Tonight. And I'm rooting for him. But he's got to show up as the guy who can "beat Trump, beat Trump".

And I think that Trump's off-the-cuff technique is something that the Democratic candidate (Joe?) must verbally Jiu Jitsu him with. Joe can do this. If he has the energy.

I don't think Joe is scheduled for tonight. Tomorrow night in the second round. It was surprisingly difficult to verify this by web search. But here is one:

Do you still think The Bully Pulpit is worth a read? I still feel somewhat callous in admitting as I have here and elsewhere that I don't care if Joe Biden drops dead on his first day in office. It would of course be a national tragedy for Joe is a good man and has much to offer. But it was and remains my way to be as honest as I must where an overriding concern dictates. You must be rid of Trump. And the dunghill of appointees and acolytes with which he has staffed the government and of which he is only the ultimate infectious turd.

Ha! The NY Times recoiling from a good old primary fight?

Of course, it was only a hundred years or so earlier that it was considered inappropriate (and not done) for the candidate to actually campaign for the office of President, relying on colleagues to do so for him.

Thank you. I got my nights mixed up.

Oh goody, another night to toss and turn and fret. :-)

Just tossing this out here. It's an excellent piece by David Cay Johnston about beating Trump. He's absolutely correct. (And I love his Al Franken suggestion. There would be some sweet justice in that.)

Enjoy the first night show. I expect what we will see is Warren and Sanders sparring over the negligible differences in their impossible to secure MFA plans. That should help Biden quite a lot with the union crowd.

I have been advocating this for years. The absolute best way to drive people like Trump nuts is to make fun of them. Make them appear foolish and ridiculous. And their supporters are not completely immune, at least not all of them. They are more than happy to defend a racist and a liar and a con artist. Clowns are a different matter. And Trump is ripe for mocking as an ignorant clown.

By the way the obvious racism is starting to tell. Apparently there was a memo sent out to such as Hailey and Hume to rally to Trumps defense. Hailey took the “can’t we just stop hurling accusations of racism about “ (no we can’t) and Brit Hume who went with “Trump calls white people names too” which, while true ignores the language Trump uses to target people of color. There is a panic starting to take hold. Best way to take advantage of that is to goad Trump into more of that and other stupidities.

Oh yes. Let's encourage him to show us just how stupid he is. He's just BEAUTIFUl at being an ignorant clown. It's his only talent.

I'm glad they're in a panic. What always gets my bp up is the fact that they ponder whether the overt racism is good for the candidate or not. Or maybe he should go with a more subtle version. Like it should even be an option. Disgusting.

So, what did you think of the debate?

Sorry for the late reply but I think I agree with Yglesias' take. Joe Biden was probably the winner. The format was horrible and the questions asked by the ,ahem,moderators, were clearly more intended to serve media interests in promoting conflict than they were to elicit actual positions the candidates were taking. The number of candidates made it virtually impossible to actually debate any policy positions anyway. In fact they should just give up on calling these things debates and go with beauty contests.

Just promise me that Bernie Sanders will not participate in the swim suit competition.

Some of those candidate know that they have no chance. (Looking at you Marianne Williamson.) They need to get off the stage. If they truly love their country and know that Trump is an abomination and mortal threat then as far as I'm concerned it's their patriotic duty. Scram!

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