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July 29, 2019


Yet what passes for conservative intelligentsia are reluctant to give up. Do not be surprised if the name Amy Wise, University of Pennsylvania law professor and racist, pops up justifiably on the outrage media. Wise spoke at that recent new conservatism conference sponsored by Harzony. Known for her racial beliefs and comments on the racial inferiority of blacks Wise represents the new conservative thinking on racism. It's not about skin tone you see or even intelligence. The reason the US has to be kept predominantly white as a matter of immigration policy is cultural affinity. Non white immigrants just don't adapt to the predominant culture. And they just never get things like capitalism so immigrants should be preferably drawn from Western Europe.

From beyond the grave, if such there be, Steve Jobs laughs like a god.

How on earth has she kept her job at the University of Pennsylvania law school? Has there been no outcry?

Sounds like another thinly veiled lie to try to convince everyone it really isn't about skin tone.

I don’t think they can separate skin tone from culture, and in some ways, they’re right—but that just makes their arguments all the more racist. I’ve had to learn that there really is such a thing as “white American culture,” and that it, as much as skin tone, is used as the measuring stick for normalcy, worthiness, and social acceptance by many white Americans. This is partly why they don’t see themselves as racist. If a black man takes on the various affects of white American culture, he’ll be more or less accepted into their circles. As an added bonus, he’ll also fulfill the role of “black friend” who serves to mask their racist ideology. Many conservatives call for assimilation, which just means they’ll accept you no matter your race or ethnicity so long as you act, think, and feel like them.

Oh yes plenty of outcry. But the faculty support her because, (thin edge of the wedge argument)it might prevent them from espousing heterodox opinions. How she is expected to fairly grade minority students is a bit of a mystery convinced as she is of their inferiority.
I am not sure everyone gets the subtle evil of her argument. Ever heard of Stuyvesant? It is one of the elite schools in New York city that you are tested to enter. Alas too many Jews earned place there. And that was a problem. Minorities like Blacks and Latinos were largely excluded by testing. Now the problem is people who aren't excluded by testing. Asians are earning a vastly disproportionate number of places based on testing. So that totally has to go. Best to go with cultural affinity and existing ethnic and racial balance. Say the people who totally opposed it before when it kept poorer Black and Hispanics out.

You see they need a really good reason to exclude Asians.

I would say that is often a fair analysis that I too have seen in practice. But now you see their argument is that the "wrong" people are just not capable of being assimilated. Damned for all eternity. Sorry. They have to go or be kept out.
Which is curious, considering that Ilhan Omar speaks much better English every single member of the Trump family.

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