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August 26, 2019


I tend to agree with Weiner. To say that the system is "legally rigged" lets the press and the voters off too easily. For example, we would not have a justice-defying Attorney General or a right-wing Supreme Court if the press was not wedded to false equivalence or the voters not so fickle. One can argue that we got the government we deserve.

Rather than shouting "legally rigged", it might be more profitable to examine why so many adults are such fickle voters, when in fact they do vote. The press is less of a mystery. False equivalence generates drama and income for them.

Finally, "legally rigged" is dangerous in that it gives voters an out: if the system is legally rigged, why bother?

Yet the core of his argument is correct. Sanders is perfectly Trumplike in this. If you are in the Democratic party and don't agree with him then it is because you have been captured by dark forces and need to be banished. Warren is a lot smarter about this as recent stories in the NYT demonstrate. Warren is making overtures to what is generally referred to as the party Establishment in order to assure them that she is a team player and if she becomes the candidate will continue to be just that. My first tweet back to the NYT and the Warren campaign was somewhat acerbic. Interesting strategy I said, despise in public, woo in private.

But it is a wise strategy nevertheless. You aren't going to be the candidate and thus leader of the party if your primary goal is to make political war on the people you hope to lead. Warren gets this. Sanders does not. Unfortunately for Warren this is not something that pleases those of her supporters who think it her duty to do just what would be lethal to her campaign. Which is what I subsequently tweeted to those same two targets.

I take your point about the actual differences in intention of Trump vs the Democrats. But Weiner's point is still valid. A common feature of the ideological extremes is the belief that their own parties are in thrall to dark malevolent forces for personal gain and that these elected politicians should be banished so their constituents can be properly be represented by people like....them. Look what the Republicans have done to themselves following this course. I don't think the Democrats should follow them.

An additional note on the sanctity of small donations as a candidate's sign of populist moral purity. As I keep pointing out to the great discomfiture of our progressive brethren, that is guaranteed to keep a lot of candidates, and particularly Warren and Sanders, hammering away at each other until after the actual election. It's a fun thing to do. And I can pretty much guarantee their most ardent supporters will be accusing each other of being members of dark conspiracies at Joe Biden's inauguration.

We've all gone down hill as a society, in our beliefs, and behaviour in which the old honour system does not apply. Our grandfather's wouldn't recognise us because we're truly cynical, and madly selfish. This is the end game being played out now where we knowingly let charlatans and bullies into positions of power. We elect them to do their worst and that's all the encouragement that they need to change the norms that have been a feature of a few peaceful years, in the democracies of the west, at least.

The lies of Trump, the lies of Johnson..these and others who don't even try to hide their mendaciousness because those are the qualities that have propelled them to the top. The majority approve or at least they have such distrust in the system that they're all of the mind..whatever it takes.

Which results in men who are a complete drag on a political party refusing to move. An utter selfishness which didn't used to be what public life was meant to be..and a complete disregard for the greater good. It's all about personal ambition for these guys (women could never get away with hanging on in this way).

In Australia, Bill Shorten got told fifty times that the people wanted anybody but him even though his party was in the lead. He wouldn't move. Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable but he's going nowhere. These nincompoops are ruining the political systems in countries that they claim to care for and it's infuriating.

Sorry about the misplaced apostrophe but the sentiment remains the same.

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