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August 26, 2019


Someday somebody must explain to me how she got a degree in communications. She speaks in a monotone, has a terrible presence on camera (and no, not because she's overweight, but because there is absolutely no life in her face or body, nothing that says "listen to me" or makes you want to engage), she has no charm and no real intelligence on any topic. She just stands there like she's waiting to be let out of the barn and occasionally kicking out in annoyance.

But I'd say she'll be a hit in Daddy's neck of the woods. She'll hit all the right Christian Dominionist beats, He'll stump for her and so very likely has a good chance of winning. And so Arkansas can probably count on continuing to rank in the last 10 in all quality of life issues from education to health care.

So did Palin. Who couldn't tell you what newspapers she read. In this case the wooden veneer of Sanders was asset. She could lie with a straight face like few others and was willing to do it.

I am certain her willingness to lie like a cheap bathmat will do her good service in this new endeavor.

True enough. It's a sentiment that's been expressed ad nauseum, but I blame Palin (which means I blame John McCain) for the likes of Sanders. And the rest of the ignorant tawdries that are now in power. Her VP run opened the floodgates to let in every incompetent whack job whose only qualifications were the ability to lie and grift and normalize indecency. All roads lead back to Sarah. Prior to that, at least their rotten candidates and operatives could actually fake the semi-respectable if necessary and they certainly weren't applauded for being awful. (With exceptions. Strom Thurmond comes to mind.)

Absolutely, and what a sterling effort from a woman who is a bit fat and nobody likes anyway. She was good at her job. She put up with a load of shit commentary about her appearance, which would never happen to a man. Sarah Palin is a good looking
half wit, this woman isn't. That's my take.

Freesia, her job was to have no life and she executed it perfectly. Whether or not she is overweight shouldn't rate a mention. She lies like a pro, which she is, and heck, who can take her place?

She's clever, she's obviously bound to her political history, and she did the job for Trump that will be difficult to replace because she's a one-off.

I looked her up today because I had no prior knowledge. I don't think that she's stupid at all. She's clever, and obstinate, and loyal and wrong, That's what happens when you're born into a particular group,

I have always found this woman to be a bit funny and probably clever, nothing to do with her politics. She had a job, she did it, without approval from anybody. Good on her.

I also looked up some earlier photos (2006) of a woman with a light in her eyes. She's human too. I kinda like her because I never bought the poker face,but I do recognise how stupidly funny it is when it's all gone wrong.

Mary, the only reason I mentioned her weight was because I was going to refer to her "presence on camera" and it occurred to me that somebody might think I was discounting her based on that. You're right though when you say that it wouldn't even warrant a mention if it were a man. But anyway, that's why I referred to it. To clarify.

You summed up her gifts there though in 3 words - obstinate, and loyal and wrong. (I'm not sure I can agree about the clever part. If she's clever, to me it's only in the way that Kellyanne is in her ability to take a fact in front of her and twist it til it means the opposite. I'm not sure if that's cleverness or just shamelessness.

And you're right about the earlier photos, the light in the eye. But then that always has to disappear if one works for Trump. He's like a black hole that way.

Small point: "You're right though when you say that it wouldn't even warrant a mention if it were a man." Not true: refer to former NJ Governor Chris Christie, although in fairness to Sanders, Christie is morbidly obese, a real health concern. And yours and Mary's overall points are still the most important: the lying, the wrongness.

You're right Max, if someone is super sized, it's going to get remarked on but this woman is not .

Freesia, my younger brother who lives alone and eats crap all the time is obese. He travels a lot, always economy, on a pre-booked seat. He could afford to go business but it's not his chosen position on the plane. .Last week we got an outraged message from him telling us that he'd been seated next to some guy who was even larger than him and they were in bodily contact for three hours. We laughed our heads off because we're cruel bastards.

Ah, siblings :-)

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