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August 23, 2019


I want a First Edition.

Can I get a signed copy?

There's a twitter account I follow called "Hillary Warned Us." And she did. Despite all the amnesia from politicians and the media.

Sue in Seattle

If anyone is entitled to write a book with that title, it is Hillary.

So she's using her 2016 campaign slogan?

What a dumb comment. Tell me when she said or implied anything like this in her 2016 campaign, or anytime?

That's OK Ed. Your comment reveals way more about the mind of the beholder than the character of the person beheld.

Some people, usually men, just can't quit the Hillary bashing.

I love what it says on the spine. I picture every chapter simply being an illustration of a middle finger. Especially the chapters on Benghazi, her emails, and the 2016 election. That's all she owes the world anymore, just a good healthy flipping of the bird, for all the abuse heaped on her. But of course she's a much better person than that but people who knew better refused to see it.

Deplorables. any of her campaign commercials. Try to find a gray-haired white man among the dozens of actors who posed as her adoring fans. You won't be able to. Guess what...old guys noticed!

Plus...she told the vital swing states of PA, WI, and MI to kiss off, and she lost all of 'em. Quite an achievement for a Democrat. A negative achievent, but still, quite noteable.

Notice, please, both you and Anne, that this is how you engage with folks who disagree with you without resorting to snark or personal insult...just address the issue at hand factually, and move on.

Yes, you are the very model of civil discourse, Ed. Except that what you say are lies. "She told the vital swing states of PA, WI, MI to kiss off". Not, not, not.

But you have already demonstrated many times that you are willing to lie in the pursuit of your imaginative ideas. And justify it as a form of gonzo journalism.

Deplorables? Yes, that was a mistake to say it. But it was not untrue. We see today how those deplorables stick by Trump no matter how deplorable he becomes.

Yep. She insulted the customer. And she pulled off the feat, thought to be impossible, of losing to Donald Trump. We would have been better off running Betty Esper.

My love letter to Hillary... unabashed and unashamed.

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