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August 22, 2019


So does the trade warrior in chief have a "fake news" tweet for the occasion yet? Also, does anyone remember this year began with the government shut down because of one of his hissy fits? That certainly couldn't be helping things can it?

Maybe someone can explain this phenomenon. ​

Now that we know that we have a racist, lying, criminal, newly elevated mad and crazy idiot running the country who creates and changes policy and direction daily or hourly, I keep wondering when the stock market will tumble significantly. It just keeps chugging along.​ When it does stumble its seems to recover shortly thereafter. Republicans will never rebuff Trump unless there is a serious decline.​

Whether you believe that a recession is on the horizon or not, what money manager or CEO makes investments or plans for the future with this type of constant chaos and uncertainty?

As the madness accelerates​ both here and abroad,​ I keep waiting for the sky to fall.

Also, keep in mind​ the 8/19 NBC/WSJ poll​ question​​ (4 days ago):

Do you generally approve or disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing in handling the economy? 49% generally approve v. 46% disapprove [approval is down from 51% in May]​
NBC/WSJ poll...

I see the Dow is headed down today. Maybe this is the start of the recognition of no economic plan and erratic and chaotic manipulation of economic policy.

Yes on the response to the economy. The narrative being pushed is that the Democrats are engineering a recession to hurt Trump. Another doozy I've seen bemoans "where AOC is taking this country".

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