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August 23, 2019


Tulsi definitely. Bill de Blasio. And Marianne Williamson needs to get off the stage. Now. Ridiculous. She has about much chance of being president as I do. Beto might make a good VP choice so if he wants to hang on for a bit (as long as he doesn't lead us into 2 night debate hell)fine.

Except for Kirsten Gillibrand. Go away Kirsten. Git. Scram. And you know why.

Tulsi is the new Russian asset "it" girl. Preceded by 2016's Jill Stein. Bill DeBlasio is just a loud mouthed insufferable bore, as is Marianne Williamson the both of them competing for biggest ego for anyone not named Trump. Kirsten Gillibrand definitely needs to go and she does know why even if she won't admit it.

Oh she'll never admit it. Because she's Kirsten Gillibrand and somebody told her she was special and she believed it. If it weren't for the need to take no chances with any senate seat right now I'd wish that another Democrat - a sure win democrat- would come along and primary the little priss and hand her walking papers.

On a different note we now have an opportunity to see if things go better without Kochs. Too soon?

Death isn't always sad, and besides we still have his slimy brother Charles to deal with. David Koch will not be missed except by the politicians who relied on his generous donations, or really investments they should be called, because he expected big returns when he spent his millions. He invested in making the world a more harsh and brutal place for the non rich so he could enjoy more wealth and comfort for himself. Too bad for him that money only puts more distance between you and death for only so long. I only mourn the fact that his brother didn't go with him.

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