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August 23, 2019


What is up with that registered democrat in North Carolina? And how does she define improvement?

You could take those quotes and apply them to the Onion folks, and you'd have something every bit as believable. Kind of like this:

And on another note, Andrew Sullivan is really trolling Trump this morning:

"“Absurd,” it turns out, is a trigger word for Trump, as it well should be. When the prime minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, was asked to respond to the idea that Donald Trump wanted to “buy” Greenland, she found the mot juste. The proposal was “absurd.” Perhaps at one point at the beginning of the Cold War, some kind of strategic presence in Greenland would have been worth considering briefly. Now? Yes, absurd. The only thing more absurd is canceling a planned state visit to Denmark at the last moment in response to the prime minister pointing out the bleeding obvious, and adding the insult “nasty” to yet another independent woman for good measure. But this too is predictable: “We know that a humiliated narcissist must release his narcissistic rage somehow, best on those who caused his psychic injury.” Bad luck for Denmark."

"President Donald Trump is absurd. His presidency is absurd. His party is absurd. We have known this ever since that absurd journey down an escalator, and the surrealism has only intensified since. Perhaps it takes a sane foreigner, not subject to years of almost hourly Trump abuse, to point out the obvious. We have no Executive branch in any meaningful or serious sense. We have a joke that’s wearing thinner by the day. There is no institution or company in America, small or large, that would allow Donald Trump to run or represent it for more than a few days — because most sane institutions see immediately that a rape-y racist with no knowledge base or capacity to learn is an embarrassment, and a huge liability. If appointed the head of, say, a local library on January 20, 2017, Trump would have been fired by January 21."

Unfortunately one has to accept that this majority does not consist entirely of righteous people. Some will be disappointed because the expected call to Q arms has not come. And you still can't legally shoot random Muslims on the street. And that's darned disappointing.

Funny, I just finished reading that a few minutes ago (I get alerts in my e-mail) and thought it was spot on. I liked that he even took the absurd to his physical appearance, the fake orange spray tan with the white circles around his eyes and the hair sprayed pompadour. I don't usually like when people go to the physical as some kind of flaw, it's usually a cheap shot, but in Trump's case his exterior reflects the interior and complete lack of self awareness and gravitas. Anyway, it was a good read.

James Fallows also made a similar point about how reckless it is to have this freak in power with his article at The Atlantic.

If he were in any other profession or position, they'd have kicked him out or have him under psychiatric observation.

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