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August 23, 2019


I feel utterly helpless. We have to just sit here and watch him destroy the country and destroy lives. The damage is going to be so bad that it's not going to matter if he loses in 2020 if the powers that be don't impeach or 25th amendment him in time to check the damage he's doing.

The damage he's already done will take more than one future presidency to fix. And we may just get another unspeakable imbecile in that time.

What I wonder about are the Republicans in power. This isn't just Trump saying something bigoted that they can ignore or use to dark purposes, or some foreign agreement he withdraws from that they can't feel the immediate ramifications of, or watching Trump personally enrich himself or...well I'm sure you can fill in the list of outrages or stupidities. This is the economy, which will impact them as well.

I'm beginning to wonder what is going on behind the scenes with the Republicans. I'm wondering if the main "Families" in that crime syndicate actually have something much more sinister waiting in the wings. Something where this sort of destruction if allowed to follow it's logical path is part of a plot to actually dismantle the country.

I sound like a conspiracy nut. But honestly, I wonder what's going on in the "quiet rooms" as Mittens Romney called it.

Even worse, all of the environmental damage that they have done through deregulation and climate change denial will make all the rest of that minor by comparison. They act like they're not going to die with the rest of us.

I cannot wait to hear what madness comes out of the G7 meeting. Major change there, btw, is no final joint communique will be issued. Macron wisely ditched it. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the bilateral side meetings. The agenda? Everything designed to offend Trump’s very fragile fee fees. As embarrassing as many many Americans find this president do not fear the future of diplomacy irretrievable. If the next president is not Trump there will be very long line ups to give you all big hugs. Truly Trump is doing literally everything an idiot would do. And now you will know what doesn’t work.

That's true. Maybe they've drunk their own swill so long that they've actually come to believe it. But meanwhile the Amazon is on fire and the climate is doing weird things and weather is haywire and that's not imaginary it's fact and they just sit there with this smug look on their faces.

Peter, do you think we will ever again have the standing in the world (assuming we survive) that we've had in the past? Has he ruined us as a serious power? I wonder if he's made us completely untrustworthy to the world. I mean America has taken bad actions in the past, zigged when we should have zagged, but we've always been a force to be reckoned with. I wonder if post Trump that's gone forever.

I didn't hit the reply button. This is to Anne J above.

I'm wondering if he tanked the market deliberately today. This may be an inappropriate statement right now, but there's something rotten in Denmark.

I don't believe so, he's just clueless. Trump wants a strong economy so that he can carry on boasting about his tremendous successes. A huge part of Trump's ability to get away with stuff is that he has had the world leaders flummoxed..totally unable to appreciate that he is seriously dumb and without a master plan. Finally, they're catching on. Trouble is in the offing starting with the seriously pissed of Chinese.

Sorry for the late reply. The truth is things will never be the same for some things cannot be unsaid. But they will get much much better. The real problem for the US is that taking a leadership roll or building consensus internationally will be extremely difficult if American foreign policy swings into polar opposites every time it’s goverment changes.

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