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August 25, 2019


I don't know how they sit across a table from this slob without bursting into laughter and calling him a dolt. Or maybe they do. We're not sitting there with them so maybe a lot of vitriol and disgust gets spit in his general direction. I'd love to hear a leak of what goes on behind the scenes. And I bet he has to be reminded constantly by aides who is he talking to and what country they're from. I wonder if he gets up and wanders away like he does here at home.

He look exhausted. Bags under his eyes and pasty skin under the spray rust.

I'm sure theyre thinking those thoughts but have too much class and professionalism to give them voice. That's probably a good thing, but honestly, I sometimes think he needs to be treated to his face the way he treats others on Twitter.

Oh yeah. He's messed up. The pressures of the job he is in no way qualified for plus the latter stages of syphilis are catching up to him with a vengeance. That's the problem with being a con man. Usually, they get to skip town before his marks realize they've been conned. He has to stick around for four years. Not that his truly die hard fan base will ever admit to being conned. The worse he is, the more they stick up for him. Those of us who never bought his act are stuck in the mess anyway, watching in horror and hoping it will end next year. It's the soft support he had in 2016 that's rapidly evaporating.

True. Usually the con artist gets out of Dodge before he's nabbed. He also is used to a team of Michael Cohens who wear people down with litigation or pay them off to make his failures or liabilities go away. (Though Bill Barr is trying his best to please the boss.)

Btw, you mention latter stages of syphilis above. Are you being funny or do you think there's fact in that? I ask because I've seen it referenced before and the man has been a real pig in his private life. But I don't know.

I kid but also suspect there is some truth in it. I think he lost his personal Vietnam on the front lines of Studio 54.

Gosh. I am starting to get the impression, a sort of vague unease accompanies, that neither Trump nor any of the people staffing his administration has even the tiniest inkling of what they are doing. Or even why they are doing it.

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