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September 01, 2019


Latest headline: Barnier belts Boris. There will be no renogiated exit deal. The backstop to preserve the GFA stands or it is a hard Brexit. So hard Brexit it is. Per the Brexiters any and all adverse consequences will be entirely the fault of the EU for failing to deliver what Britain demanded and promised themselves they would easily get. Now I could compile a quite impressive list of things they will no longer get but that might take years. But it all comes down to a few biggies. Britain will no longer have any say whatsoever in the EU regulations or laws with which they will have to comply in order to trade with the EU and in trade geography is destiny. Because they will no longer be in the EU Britain will not be a destination for direct foreign investment that is scaled to the EU market. The third biggie is losing an essentially captive EU market for financial services which happens to be one of Britain’s big revenue earners. Within the EU the final court of appeal will be the ECJ, their Supreme Court and decisions made in the British high courts will no longer be valid.

There’s lot more bad consequences to expect. There was a very good reason Britain abandoned the Commonwealth as a trading block. It is now nothing more than a social club. And that was because their economic destiny clearly lay with the EU. And now they will have neither.

Speechless. What a train wreck. What a worthless man and what a terrible thing he's done.

Which one are you referring to? Theirs or ours?

Quite a triumvirate of power. Trump, Johnson in England, and Bolsonaro in Brazil. I tell ya', they are giving Democracy a bad name.

And in Canada, I fear that Andrew Scheer may join that list. Am I right to fear that, Peter?

Boris. But they're the same nasty varmint - he and Trump. Basically if you use the words "worthless" and "terrible" you can automatically apply them to Trump by default.

But I was referring to Boris specifically here. All the details in the article. It was like it was kind of game to him. A prank. Well it sums it up right there in the article - he's a traveling show. And unfortunately some Brits fell for it.

I wonder what Churchill would make of this moment in history. (I was watching clips from "The Darkest Hour" yesterday. He's been on my mind.)

You never know. But I doubt that the PCs can get a clear majority. Vote splitting between the Liberals and the NDP magnifies the PCs voting power in a first past the post electoral system. Otherwise Scheer wouldn’t stand a chance. You have to understand though that the Canadian political spectrum is quite narrow policy wise. None of them, for example, would dream of trying to harm our health care system. It would be politically lethal. All three main parties would fit comfortably within the current Democratic Party.

Maybe I should add that the ex-Prime Minister who got in trouble for indiscreetly tweeting about hoping Mar-a-lago got hit by hurricane was a Conservative Party prime minister, Kim Campbell. I quite liked her as a person. She was what we call a red Tory. That’s a small c conservative with a socialist bent. They still exist in Canada.

I can certainly sympathize with her position, Peter. For one thing, it would give me the opportunity to send a roll of paper towels to the White House. #BrawnyForDonnie.

Yes, I can easily see how "first past the post" helps the conservatives. That's why I was surprised that a couple of years ago, Trudeau came out against changing that system. I didn't understand that, but then again I don't understand a lot of things.

Welcome to Canadian politics 101. Every party is always in favor of changing the first past the post system. Until they form a majority government that could actually do it. And then they aren’t because they were elected on a party platform that takes priority.
Trudeau’s current difficulty is really rather ironic. That would be the SNC Lavalin controversy. Every single party would have to do what Trudeau did, which is go for the lighter punishment for that company’s transgressions. Which, btw, occurred and were discovered under the previous Conservative party and they did nothing. The reason? The only legal alternative is to destroy it and that would be like killing Boeing in Washington state. The party that does that can kiss any seats in Quebec goodbye forever. So we are seeing a lot of chest thumping about political interference in the justice system. Which every blessed one of them would have to do themselves. Let me assure you, Canadian politicians can weasel with the best of them.

I suspected that, as I am a regular listener to CBC news programs. When I hear Scheer's condemnations of Trudeau's "criminality", it is all I can do to avoid tossing my cookies. It's also why I think that Scheer may be a Trump clone, or at least a Trump wannabe.

From what I hear, it seems like a minority government is likely, and a worse outcome is possible. Only about a month and a half to your election, and I will be paying attention.

He is more of a garden variety douche. But he isn’t that out of place in the context of Canadian politics. The interesting guy to laugh at in the coming race is Maxime Bernier’s Canadian People’s Party. He quit the Conservative party because they were insufficiently anti-Muslim or anti Sikh or whatever. And these clowns are running candidates in every single riding in Canada. A near miraculous achievement which became possible by not vetting any of them. Hilarity is ensuing as many of these candidates insist on opening their mouths. Now these are people you would recognize as Trumpers. My earnest hope is they hold it together long enough to shave votes from the Conservatives because that is who, naturally, they are attacking. There is humor to be found in Canadian politics if you know where to look.

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