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September 12, 2019


I though Klobuchar did really well in her response about Bernie's bill. That he wrote it but she read it.

Bernie is starting to really come across like one of the old guys in the balcony on The Muppets Show.

And what exactly was Castro up to there with Joe? That was nasty.

Damn I missed it! I missed the whole thing. I couldn't bear a Sanders/Trump general election. Imagine the debates. Just two red faced screaming old men. And Trump would make minced meat out of him. I hope the debate is on YouTube.

It will be. What you missed was Bernie is a Muppet/figure from the English Spitting Image show, who is selling the idea that if we vote for him we get free health care and free everything, including a pet unicorn. Ditto Elizabeth Warren though she came across much much better because she's a smart lady but hasn't been President tring to get things through congress.....let me think. Oh, I never noticed how nasal Kamal Harris is....Amy Klobuchar did well and would be a great VP candidate....Mayor Pete did fine but didn't distinguish himself....Julian Castro had an inner jerk tendency I never knew about...Beto had some good moments and found a way to cuss again (I forget the moment typing quickly)...Joe showed up and had some really good moments including a heartbreaking response to the final question - Beau's death really knocked the stuffing out of him....

I have to tend something. Yes - you can find it on youtube by tomorrow I'm sure. Please write your thoughts when you watch. :-)

What the hell was Andrew Yang doing there? Well at least they didn't have psychic to the stars Marianne Williamson or Jill Stein's replacement as the new Putin Stooge It Girl, Tulsi Gabbard. P.M. was right Beto wasn't worth listening to, Amy Klobuchar did very well. Elizabeth Warren won't answer whether or not middle class taxes will go up to pay for free health care probably because free stuff isn't free.

Good summary, but you missed Booker, who really was quite impressive (and he's jealous of Justin Trudeau's hair) and Andrew Yang, who comes across as quite the capitalist-for-a-good-cause.

I heard the phrase "Let's be clear.." so many times it fogged my mind.

Yes Booker did well. But he will never be President. Or have hair. He really should run for governor of New Jersey. I don't know why he doesn't do this. I've hollered it at the tv often enough.

Andrew Yang is....why is he there? Ah I know. He's capitalizing.

I totally get what you meant by Julian Castro's inner jerk quality.

Some political consultant gave him bad advice. And that he took it is all we need to know. He's not ready for prime time. And that's a f**king shame as Beto would probably find a way to put it because he always struck me as a smart guy and a good guy. And probably is at heart. Again, he took bad advice. The look on Joe's face said it all.

Yes politicians grab a phrase and get stuck like an old vinyl record going round and round and please will somebody lift the needle. Interesting, it was a phrase that Obama was known for. "Let me be clear". And he was. With him it was clear. Now with others it's fogging your mind. And mine.

God I miss him.

Biden: Pretty damn good tonight, and the way he endured the heckling at the end and then returned to the poignancy of his own family’s tragic history—that was real and it worked on me.
Sanders: Free everything for everybody, grumble grumble shout shout shout. I mean, he’s actually right but he has no tact.
Warren: Free everything for everybody but I have a plan for that. Honestly, I thought she performed well and made a good case. More than that, she connected and inspired. I keep going back and forth with her and it’s making me crazy.
Buttigieg: He disappointed me tonight, and you know I’m a big fan of his. He needs to find the next gear.
Harris: A few good zingers, but otherwise she’s a lightweight.
Booker: Okay, whatever.
Yang: Weirdo. The Silicon Valley version of Marianne Williamson.
Castro: What a dick.
Klobuchar: Whatever.
Beto: The guy inspires at times but he hasn’t matured since college.

Freesia, you and I got some sympatico thing going on. Agreed 100% on all this.

I thought Buttigieg was low key but not low energy. Though I pretty much only saw the opening remarks and the health care portion of the debate. I did like that several candidates mentioned that Trump is trying to take away health care. It's extremely important to note that. To me, Elizabeth Warren seemed like she didn't want to admit that free stuff is very expensive. I do appreciate her bringing up the issue of the expense of childcare though. I know from personal experience what a nightmare that can be from back in the 90's raising my son and the problem goes back even further than that. It's about time someone brought it up, but I know she's been talking about it for a few years now.

I thought overall it was a dumpster fire of a debate. It was nearly 30 minutes before the moderators let anyone besides Biden, Warren, and Sanders say anything. PM said it already yesterday that these aren’t debates, they’re commercial spectacles, and he sure was right.

I agree, Buttigieg was by no means bad. He was just mostly forgettable, and that may be okay. These debates may be more about who loses than who wins, and on that note, I was surprised by Castro. I liked him before, but he really turned me off last night.

I’m raising a 7yo and 2yo right now, and so I’m right there with ya. Our country sure doesn’t make it easy.

Castro is finished. I was reading his twitter feed and a comment that came up more than once is that he came across as Trumpian. That says it all. He's trying to double down and it's backfiring.

The way he's handling his obvious mistake is the most telling thing about him and why he needs to come out with the dropping out speech. Today. Before he ruins himself any further.

You know he could have maybe gotten the VP slot. Texas. Hispanic. Young. Capable. Smart. Except maybe not so smart. What a waste.

"I’m raising a 7yo and 2yo right now..." Take heart, it gets better, and you will treasure the memories. It goes by at such astonishing speed.

Your earlier comments are hilarious and on-target for me. "Castro: what a dick" - exactly. He has now made himself a pariah in the party. And I feel the same way as you do about Warren. I just don't see how open borders and abolishing private insurance companies (and who doesn't know that won't happen?) wouldn't kill her in the general election.

Thanks, Max. They are indeed priceless treasures, but trying to pay for childcare on a speech therapist’s and a social worker’s salary is a tall order! A little relief on that front from Uncle Sam would be much appreciated.

Take heart: the speech therapist shortage has arrived. At my district they just got bumped up a pay grade. Schools in New York State are now offering $20,000 signing bonuses. The social worker shortage is arriving fairly soon.

As Daddy always said, "Son, the only way a company can show its loyalty for your hard work is with money."

So how is he handling his mistake?

Well on his twitter, for instance, he was still saying that Biden said what he didn't say and Sam Stein chimed in to say that actually Biden said the opposite. And then another person was chiding him for putting up a partial clip of some sort - like he was being misleading. Other people were telling him he owed Joe an apology for trying make him look like a forgetful old coot and as yet there is no apology, he's just acting like he did nothing wrong. Another frequent comment is they really liked him but it's time to go now.

So lie, then when called on it, double then triple down at ever increasing volumes. How perfectly Trumpian of him. And Trump is not one to be imitated. Not only because he's a total douche, but also because it makes the imitators look just like that ... imitators.

It's tragic that most people vote based impressions and promises. When Beto said he'd force a buyback of assault weapons through executive order and Biden said "you can't do that -- it's unconstitutional", Warren (I believe it was her) took advantage of that with "we need a president with a "can do attitude, not a can't do!". That right there is the difference experience makes. Experience is invaluable and it takes years to acquire; there's no short cut. Years of experience, though, by definition, means you're old once you've racked them up. A long track record also means you've screwed up plenty of times so you have "baggage" which can be a liability especially if it's twisted and politics "ain't bean-bag". The real lessons I've learned in my life never came from doing something right.

Thanks for this. Some people say age?, I say experience! Even Biden's sometimes hesitancy in giving an answer is partly caused by searching his memory for the experiences that are relevant in answering.

Biden needs to have younger people around him to offer the ideas that abound in their observant minds, and to be persuasive in their advocacy. But, his experience is a real plus in deciding which of these ideas are worth fighting for,

I thought Biden was terrible - rambling, incoherent at times. Not only did he say "record player" (I think the hip kids would say "turntable") but what was his point? Turn off the TV and play Henry Mancini? He seemed to be channeling Bill Cosby, saying poor parents don't know how to raise their kids (rather than being too stressed and tired or impoverished).

Castro did not look good when he went at Biden - but Biden did say if someone lost their job, they could buy in to his plan (as well as the other quote where he said they would automatically be covered).

I think the moderators left out a lot of good topics. That's the most annoying thing to me about these debates.

Sue in Seattle

What other topics would you have liked to have had at the debate?

Child care, parental leave, reproductive rights, Supreme Court/judiciary, voting rights, gerrymandering, environmental regulations (as Trump rolls back clean water regulations). Arguing about health insurance details just not as important at this point (plus I'm on Medicare already, so...heh).

Sue in Seattle

Good topics. Especially the courts and the voting issues/problems. Not just because it would be good to hear the candidate's proposals, but because so many people out there aren't really informed about what's going on. A debate attracts viewers from both sides of the isle and it would be an opportunity to broadcast out exactly what the bad actors have been up to and what it will mean if they're not stopped. Unless those things are resolved we won't need debates because we're not going to have a county in anything but name only.

"Bernie is starting to really come across like one of the old guys in the balcony on The Muppets Show." That's just a perfect description. And why are the old guy attacks aimed at Biden and not Bernie. He just turned 78 the other day.

Yes. Why is that?

If he were elected next year he would be 79 when sworn in, or 10 years older than Reagan when he took the oath.

I think part of it is that the media has settled on a narrative for Joe and they just go with it.

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