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September 29, 2019


My Grandma used to say that you should be wary of getting too close or too thick with sorry people (by which she meant trashy people.) She said the problem was that they like being trashy and so the only way you can be around them is to become like them. They're not going to change for you and so you will have to change for them. And by the time you realize you've become just like them, it's usually too late to turn back and nobody will believe you anyway. And she was right. That's what the Republican Party has done. They thought they could ride along with Trump and his kind but still somehow not really be like him. They're not like him. They ARE him. And there's no going back.

(To be clear - I'm talking Republican Party. Not people like Anne. That come up recently here and she's nothing like them.)

And I remember something Roseanne Barr said years ago - ironically ( at least last I heard) a Trump supporter. She said something about "America's worst nightmare - white trash with money." In other words, Trump.

I say, wasn't that rather 'whitist', Ms. Barr?

Thank you, Freesia. If I had gotten a better night's sleep, I would list the reasons why I'm registered republican, but vote for democrats. But one reason is that I tend to have the same nasty disposition as the average Trumpist, just the sense not to vote like one. In short, I feel like I'm too much of a bitch personality wise to be a democrat. I was one but I felt like the party didn't fit with what passes for my personality.

By the way, I'm watching Beto O'Rourke on A. M. Joy right now and he said that he trusts the republicans' constituents more than the republicans in congress. He actually believes republican voters will turn on their representatives if they continue to support Trump. Beto O'Rourke is an idiot.

As a matter of strategy, I can think of no better course than endless revelations of Trumpian behavior that the GOP must and will defend. I am not expecting inventive genius when it comes to these exonerations. On the contrary, reflex crudity such as we are seeing now is about all they’ve got. But at the rate Trump is losing staff he might want to advertise his forthcoming rallies as job fairs.

Ah, Mr. Beam has arrived to start calling out people on their moats.

An interesting development has arisen. In order to protect their boss Trump staffers locked up his conversations with foreign leaders like Putin, in a highly classified lockbox that cannot be accessed without a record and by a very limited number of people. At this point Trump has a problem. Who among this tight circle can he rely on to leave an inescapable trail and rid him of these turbulent tapes when doing so, no matter what was altered, would be a felony. Probably not Bolton who would have heard it all.

My goodness, that is a dilemma isn't it?

I guess it would come down to who is stupid enough go do it or who he can pay enough to go do it ( but he never pays his bills so we're back to who is stupid enough to go do it). Or who he can blackmail into doing it.

Can Putin hack a system like that?

I should hope it was unhackable since it is literally the highest level of security. Donald, unfortunately, seems to have a positive talent for picking the worst people to appoint to office. We have to take his word on it because he tells us how terrible and incompetent they are. This looks to get increasingly bad for him. So bad in fact that he might start heaving around pardons which he has been reluctant to do so for some reason. The obvious reason being that it would make him look even more guilty.

Yes he sure knows how to hire the worst. Of the worst.

Peter I just read the most amazing thing. It goes to not just who gets hired by why. I'll just put it here in case you haven't seen it:

It explains so much. Trump world is truly a nest of vipers. And any rotten thing they do is actually about something else that's even worse.

Well that's what he gets for surrounding himself with thieves and liars and overall corrupt enablers. The main drawback of hiring such untrustworthy people in the first place.

And the web just keeps getting more tangled.

Trump is so stinking stupid I doubt if he's even aware he's just part of Manafort's plotting. They must laugh their guts out at the big stooge. Especially right after they've listen to him go on for an hour bloviating about his stupid self.

Trump is so freaking stupid he doesn't think for a moment that his boss Putin could throw him under the bus any time he wants. Of course republicans have no problem with a foreign country meddling in our elections and jeopardizing our national security when it benefits them. But they should be careful what they wish for because those tables could get turned at any moment. Although I do believe that the Russians helped the republicans for a reason. They're the ones who are stupid and corrupt enough to take it.

I thought David Duff was dead. really haven't missed his non-cogent remarks.

I'm sure he'll find some "well qualified applicants" at those "rallies", assuming they know how to use spell-check.

Unlikely, but maybe they could get him to pay up front.

I doubt the fake billionaire can afford it.

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