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September 28, 2019


A dangerous, insane narcissist like Trump is only as powerful as his enablers. And Trump has been very lucky in his life to have enablers to protect him. It was bad enough when he was getting away with not paying hard working contractors and grabbing women without consent. But this is our national security at stake. These enablers are the most cowardly pack of sycophants in history. They're the worst of the worst.

Well said Anne.

They are worst of the worst. We all focus on Trump, as we must, but the fact is it's the people who made him possible. It's bad enough, the people in his private and business life who did it, but the worst are the people in our government empowered and paid by us to manage and protect our country. How dare they.

This is what happens when daddy gives you a few million dollars as a child and tells you that the only thing that matters is money and then ignores you for the rest of your life.

Again, well said Anne. 

As I have said before, the Founders envisioned Trump, but they did not envision a band of traitors could control the U.S. Senate. 

And it seems there is no end to it. Following the egregious impeachable offenses revealed just this past week, are they now going to get behind tracking down the "spy" who revealed the crime, and a police state investigation of hundreds of individuals regarding Hillary Clinton's emails to divert the public attention?

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