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October 23, 2019


It all comes down to one thing: beating Trump.

Pretty resilient for a old fart.

The Ukraine scandal has really brought out the fight in him (even as certain pundits say he isn’t fighting hard enough. Whatever).

I wonder if it's because they're attacking Hunter. Joe has been a changed man in some way, deflated, since Beau's death and now this horror of an excuse for a man and a president is going after his remaining son. His boy. It's maybe not just political - it's personal. That always, or usually, will bring out the fight in a man, a decent man, when you go after his family.

Crushing it in Iowa, among likely caucus voters...

" The online poll of 598 likely caucus-goers also asked voters to list the candidate they do NOT want to win the nomination. Biden and Sanders topped this list."

And Joe topped the list by a wide margin, blowing away the competition, as it were. In Iowa, it seems, Joe is about as popular as a dose of the clap.

Joe Biden...fourth in Iowa, fourth in fundraising, but first in the hearts of his supporters.

Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus, Oct 21, USA Today/Suffolk: Biden 18, Warren 17, Buttigieg 13, Sanders 9, Harris 3, Steyer 3, Klobuchar 3

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