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October 24, 2019


He does know that the White House inmates can still read it online or on their phones or when they go home, doesn't he?

They’re too busy painting his majesty’s roses red.

Ha. And looking for lawyers.

By the way Jason, I just read that Barr is opening up a criminal investigation of the DOJ and the Russia probe. What is Barr up to? Is he on Trump's payroll or does Trump having something on him or is he working for Putin? (I guess they won't be reading about it in the Times or the Post.)

Words fail anymore. If I had to wager a guess, I’d say that they realize they have this huge cultish base that’ll believe anything they say and support them no matter what. They also have the electoral college and gerrymandering tilting elections in their favor. They also hold the Senate and Supreme Court. And so they know they can get away with just about anything. It’s just a matter of muddying up the waters enough to capture those inexplicably undecided votes they need to hold the Presidency and Senate in 2020. I think some of them are aware of the con and are just looking to cash in on it. Others are total narcissists who feel positively entitled to flout the law. I think a lot of them, though, are true believers who are so convinced of their own self-righteousness in the face of the left’s inherent wickedness that any means to defeat the left is justified.

Yes. That makes sense. Barr is likely seeing this maneuver as a move against "evil". Remember that speech he gave at Notre Dame law school:

"This is not decay,” Barr said. “This is organized destruction. Secularists and their allies have marshaled all the forces of mass communication, popular culture, the entertainment industry, and academia in an unremitting assault on religion & traditional values.” But as Pema Levy at Mother Jones pointed out: "Barr spent years profiting off of these same industries he is attacking. He served as general counsel at Verizon for eight years, held a had a paid position on the board of Time Warner for nine, and represented telecoms giant GTE in the 1990s." And so the reality tv star is his vehicle.

So he's got the hypocrite part of religious hypocrite down pat. I smell the whiff of sulfur in the air.

He reminds me of so many Christians I grew up with who proudly supported figures like Oliver North but then went into hysterics over Janet Jackson’s boob being exposed at the Super Bowl. To these people, spiritual and moral decay is just code for abortion rights and sexual freedom.

(Freesia, that was in reply to you. It’s hard to do this at 6:30 in the morning!)

Ah, I suspected we were cousins. Thanksgiving at Granny's was hell wasn't it? ;-)

The excuse being that the government can't afford the subscription prices. Except that if you have an email extension of .gov or .mil you get it free.

Not me! Since the time I became politically aware, I’ve made sure to keep about a thousand mile buffer between me and my relatives. (Really, on the rare occasions we do see each other, we know better than to bring up politics.)

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