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October 04, 2019


At TPM, Josh Marshall asked a pertinent question - assuming that the GOP narrative is true, has Trump expressed concern about corruption in any other country in the world? You know the answer.

The GOP has finally broken the government. They didn't need to drown it in a bathtub. They just needed to totally gum up the machinery and then refuse to do anything when the machine finally stopped working. I'm sure they're very pleased with themselves.

So true.

Their dream has always been a one party country and a one branch government (no checks and balances) and that things like the Constitution are quaint relics from the past that can be framed because it looks nice over the couch, the 4th of July is just a holiday where people eat hotdogs and shoot off fireworks because it's just fun (but nobody remembers the actual significance of the day) and rich white men are the only special interest group. They're positively giddy at being within striking distance and that it could be potentially brought to being by a stupid fake rich white man just makes them cackle. They're having trouble suppressing their grins.

Please stop. I can't take any more of this depressing shit show. I may need to check out for awhile.

Don't go.

Anne, I understand. Tempted to do that myself.

The best I can offer is that impeachment is the big "game" now and will be for at least two months. It's not worth thinking very much about the Dem primaries until we see what shakes out after Dems make the strongest case they can. I think it will be very strong.

It is clear Trump wants to be impeached (he basically said so today) and he thinks he can game out an acquittal by the Senate into a political winner. He may be wrong about that. And I don't see how Republicans in general can be winners by letting this slide.

I have no crystal ball, just a feeling that Republicans may have overstepped their luck (men have intuition too). This may be even something that Fox News is not capable of salvaging for them.

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