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October 23, 2019


He makes those guys who babble and rant on street corners sound lucid, doesn't he? Erudite.

On a brighter note, I just read the latest CNN poll shows Biden at 34%. Warren is 19% and Sanders is 16%. It's his widest margin since April and apparently the number jump comes from moderates, conservative Ds, minorities and older folks.

The reason I mention is that, whoever you're for, Trump's in this mess because of trying to damage Biden so he won't be the candidate.

I read that too and was happy about it. I hope this means that the Democratic field will settle down some. The thing is, if Biden was knocked out of the polls, all Trump would do is ask another foreign country to dig up dirt on the next frontrunner. This really isn't about Joe Biden. It's about Trump stooping to any illegal means necessary to win the next election.

But of course. Bill Barr, "our" Attorney General is out there in whatever country today trying to dig up (i.e. strong arm someone into fabricating) dirt and I doubt it's exclusive to Biden. Even in the face of Taylor's testimony they're not going to stop. They can't. It's the only move they've got to get this rabid hog re-elected. That and Putin's bots and computer hacking.

The reply button. Did you ever try to type with a kitten on your lap?

Nope. And may never have that experience in this lifetime.

No animals (or children). And my wife is away at lunch with a friend. So peaceful.

So I take it that your wife pounces on your fingers while you're typing, attacks the image on the screen like she's in the jungle and then flops over on the keyboard so you can scratch her tummy?

No wonder you're glad she's out for lunch. ;-)

Thanks for making the reality of your kitten so palpable. Now I'm sure that I will never have that experience.

My wife? No, nothing like that. But she can be noisy at times.

That means she's confident and happy and she's bonded with you. :-)

Upon reflection, your kitten experiences perhaps explain some of the opinions you come up with. They can perhaps be be understood as joint efforts. You know what they say about monkeys and typewriters. (Put enough monkeys together with enough typewriters and wait long enough, and eventually they will produce every great work of literature).

Oh, and this explains one of MY shortcomings. Sometimes I don't know when to quit talking.

I like it when you talk.

And this kitten is having a day with babysitter "Aunt Freesia" though I'm usually typing through paws and slobber. You don't know what you're missing Tony.

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