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October 24, 2019


Incontrovertible evidence? Check. I do think Hewitt has a point but not for the reasons stated. They can’t abandon Trump without losing the Trumpers even if Trump confessed. And they can’t win shit without them. He’s right that they don’t have an option. He is basically lying about why. Basically the GOP’s only hope is that Trump loses. And they get to keep his supporters for another election

Yes like the '22 mid terms especially if the president is a democrat. Tea Party 2.0.

Then why don't they, covertly, help him lose. Double agents, so to speak.

Slightly off topic: but 20 years ago today, we were warned:

Wow. Just wow.

Not off topic at all. Another voice of the past with similar foresight was H.L. Mencken who wrote that eventually "the White House will be adorned by a downright moron".

Regardless of how this turns out, there is no doubt that we have learned that there is much rotten wood in the tree of Democracy.
But maybe and hopefully there is still enough sound wood to avoid a Kakistocratic dictatorship.

Pssst. (Off topic) But did you read about our gal Kellyanne's little hissy fit with the reporter?

I've learned a new word. "Kakistocratic". Government by the worst people.

And H.L. Mencken was a prophet. I wish he could be writing about the downright moron right now.

There is no way that Trump is not guilty of abuse of power. If the Senate does not vote to convict him, we will know that they want to throw the Constitution out the window and are good with a kakistocratic dictatorship.

If American voters vote for the kakistocrat-in-chief anyway, then perhaps this country deserves it. Republican Senators should be careful, though. If Trump, as president, is free to shoot people and not even be investigated for it (as his lawyer states), then what is to stop him from shooting Republican Senators who displease him?

Yes. They seem to think they're special or something. They've paid no attention to the fact that no one is special to him (except for Ivanka, and even that relationship is twisted) and loyalty is expected and never granted in return. And his idols are awful men who kill any citizen of their country who thwarts them. The man apparently kept a book of Hitler's speeches for bedtime reading. And you know what he did to the people who thought they were special in his rise to power.

It's now or never for America. We have to win that election. Period.

I’ve heard this rumor, but I can’t imagine Trump keeping anything for bedtime reading beyond Hustler magazine.

As I recall it was in the divorce papers from Ivana. She said it.

But then that divorce was one tawdry mess so she may have just made it up. It's an odd thing to toss in there though. Who knows?

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