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November 22, 2019



I feel like pouring chardonnay over my cornflakes and then going back to bed.

How he can he be so naïve? Well I'm not.

Anne J

How does anybody know what historians will think long after we're all dead? How does anyone know the human race will survive long enough to have any historians to write about this time in our history?


I read Egan's article. And it is not as far-fetched as PM makes it out to be. (And Freesia, how did that Chardonnay/Cornflake combination work out for you?)

The key phrase in Egan's article is "But those who voted for removal put a tattoo on the 45th president that can never be erased: He violated the sacred oath."

One should not underestimate the electoral effect of this tattoo. Even some who disappointingly are not in favor of impeachment will feel the effect of that tattoo and decide to remove him in the only way that he was ever going to be removed; through an election.

Of course Egan and I could be wrong. I know that I am continually being gob-smacked by the current stupidity of 43% of the American voting population. But as long as it is not 50% or more, Trump's removal by electoral means is possible and even likely.

And if not, then perhaps the American Republic does not deserve to survive, and the RePo man will come to haul it away. Civilization will go on, but in other places.


DE-lightful. :-) (I kid. Though I may try it some time. Everything is better with some cold white wine. And garlic.)

I don't know what's going to happen. I only know that in the face of everything we've heard during these hearings, the Republicans are just doubling down. They didn't pause for breath. They're not even being subtle. And branches of our government that the "Founding Fathers" (Oh, I grew to hate that reference during the height of the Tea Baggers and their faux patriotism) and agencies that are supposed to serve as a stop gap against a deviant like Trump have, purposely, intentionally failed us as he's stuffed them with people as vile as he is. If the American Republican does survive it won't be because they didn't try their best to destroy it.

These are scary days. Election day is going to be hellish.


Well, I certainly agree with you about the garlic. You did get me going with the thought of white wine and cornflakes. Eeew!

And I certainly agree that "If the American Republican does survive it won't be because they (Republicans) didn't try their best to destroy it." They have learned shamelessness from Trump.

But I don't think their shameless bravado should be allowed to discourage us (which is what it is intended to do). Let's just keep putting one foot in front of the other, do what's right, and let come what may. It may not be, and probably won't be, as bad as our nightmares.


Yes. We have to. One foot in front of the other. Get up the next day and do it again.

Though I do give myself, and others, permission to have moments of despair. Kvetching. Cussing. Because I found myself for a long time walking around with a constant not in my stomach. Missing my husband, because he always had a way of calming me down and pointing out the positive, constructive strategizing. A hug. :-) He'd be appalled by these awful people. He was a good man, and he'd expect us all to get busy and get determined.

But when you think of what other American have faced in trying to build this country, hang on to it, we're not special. It's just our time. It's our turn to fight the good fight. Do what we can, give what we can, never give up.


Yes, good reply. Although, I will admit to being tired of fighting. After Vietnam, the civil rights movement, illegal interventions like Nicaragua, the Iraq wars and the battle for Obamacare, is there no end to fighting?

Then I tell myself that I should feel grateful for being lucky enough to still be around to fight. Still, if Trump is still president on Jan 21, 2021, not sure I will have the energy to fight anymore.

I'm sorry that your husband is no longer around to help you through these times. Hugs are really essential.


Yes. I miss those hugs. Thank you Tony. He's been on my mind even more than usual of late. He'd like this blog by the way and you good folks and your opinions. I wish I could share the good things I read here with him. I think you'd have liked him and his thoughts, too.

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