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November 05, 2019


Rand Paul is an attorney. He just engaged in a criminal conspiracy to break federal law and expose a whistleblower.

John Eisenberg is an attorney. He obstructed justice by hiding the Ukraine phone call transcipt on a secure server.

I understand that Bill Barr, another attorney who obstructed justice, will never prosecute them. But how in the hell are they not being disbarred?

It's not like the ABA has ANY remaining credibility to protect with Republican lawmakers. The Republicans now routinely confirm judge after judge rated "Unqualified" by the ABA.

The ABA should defend the integrity of the rule of law by disbarring every politician who intentionally breaks the law.

SR, let's face it. Nobody gives a damn any longer, as evidenced by your singular concern.

This is all so depressing it's hard to even comment anymore. I mean what is there to say?

or to do???

Dear Anne, do not this worsen your depression...get out there and do some volunteer work for a candidate you believe in or a cause that needs you. Our country will only survive when each individual works to support the things we hold dear. I am almost 80 yrs. and have seen many ugly things happen in this country. but in spite of the extreme corruption from the Trump Admin. I still believe that our people will work to change, especially the young. I, still in my 80th year do all the things I suggested above and it makes me sleep a 'little"better every night.

So, some silly little man gets out there in shouty fashion and you give him the time of day? Why?

Hang in there people. And Anne, you're so clever and such a fine person..don't let them get to you.

And to PM, lots of people still give a damn. SR was expressing the views of many, indeed most thinking people.. We're not going anywhere.

Thank you, Mary.

Because he’s considered a leader in the Republican Party.

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