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November 22, 2019


Anne J

I'm sorry I didn't understand a word of this.

Anne J

I read this morning that Lindsey Graham is going to be opening up an investigation into the Bidens in the senate.


Imagine the GOP's chagrin when they realize their efforts to destroy Biden only helped Trump get pounded by Mayor Pete.

Anne J

That would be glorious!


Lindsey. Oh how I'd love to know what they have on that little varmint. His breath must smell like pure panic.


Latin being a thing these days, with all the quid pro quo floating about, I can only say "fellatio in flagrante delicto cum puer."


Iay hinkthay ouyay aymay ebay ightray. ;-o


Think "briar patch." No, no, Democrats, don't keep up with this terrible charade which, the longer it goes on, the more folks become dubious about it (at least the (huge number) of folks who are not paying a lot of attention).


shsavage, you're too clever by half! I was forced to learn Latin at school. Being a hopeless case, I copied my homework from someone who understood. Of course, come exam time I was clueless but that foundation has allowed me to know, a little, about the derivations of so many words. I did take a lot from those lessons.

It's probably too late for you to read this now. But I think that it's important to recognise that you don't have to be an academic in order to take something from a subject, that doesn't appeal at the time. Because when you grow old it's something that you still remember, and it's so good for party tricks.

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