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November 01, 2019


Well. I guess you will have no where to go but up.

The idiots will, only if the meek are meek AND stupid.

Typical Trump. The destabilizer in chief. He loves creating chaos and panic because he's never personally affected by the outcome. He's basically a right wing Susan Sarandon calling for revolution while totally oblivious to the consequences. Talk about idiots inheriting the earth!

And now he's cut off military aid to Lebanon. I saw a bit just now from the NYT before the paywall cut me off. Money quote:

"A freeze on the assistance could give Iran and Russia an opening to exert greater influence over the Lebanese military, analysts say, and perhaps even allow the Islamic State and Al Qaeda to gain greater footholds in the country."

What in the Sam Hill is this creep doing? And he's doing it right in front of us and insuring that the terrorists take over and Russia has more power. Did the Lebanese government not yet promise to give him dirt on Biden? Is he trying to start WWIII? How much money does he owe Putin anyway?

And our government just sits there twiddling their thumbs.

I have no proof but I believe that Putin owns Trump. Completely. Nothing else makes any sense. He's very aggressive with everyone else...but Vladimir just escapes the scrutiny and your man tends to make decisions that suit him very well indeed.

As an English person who is watching the Brexit debacle from afar, I see your President interfering, shouting out for Nigel Farage, a fascist,, and giving Boris an extra headache. The UK is not your country. Your insane boss shouldn't be having any input whatsoever. But, he does have power. He's being indulged by every leader in the world because there is some respect for an American President democratically elected. Everyone knows that he's crazy and not ever going to work in the interests of anyone else. "America First" is a short sighted strategy because it goes against everything that made you great. You have lost the moral high ground.

Much as I'm not a fan of Boris, I admit that he has energized the campaign. For some reason, people like him. May he stand strong against Trump because not only is he ten times cleverer than him... in his heart he has to know that the English will never cut ties with the EU in order to be dominated by the USA.

I really want to go home, to stand with everyone else as the ship goes down. We've just had an animated discussion around here,and my daughter insists that I'm English. Never mind the Irish father. I'm culturally English. Maybe I always will be. Probably, definitely.

Yes we have the lost the moral high ground, Mary. And it's not even because or just because of the short sighted America First Strategy, because when push comes to shove it isn't even about America First. It's about Trump first. Depraved Trump. God help us.

I was just reading David Frum's twitter feed. I remember he wrote a warning to Republicans right after the 2008 election telling them they were headed to ruin after the way they'd basically prostituted themselves to Palin's base. They kicked him to the curb of course for his apostasy. Today he was pointing out that: "The new defense is an eyes-open defense of extortion, an eyes-open defense of the president using the nation's money, the nation's weapons, the nation's alliances as his own private property for his own selfish purposes. That's the definition of corruption."

And definitely the definition of tearing our flag out of the "moral high ground".

I share your feeling of wanting to go home. Unlike you I'm technically sitting here sipping a cup of coffee in my home, America. But it gotta tell you feels like the Twilight Zone.

Re England. Any chance you could go home for awhile? Maybe your ship won't go down.

I will have to disagree about the respect from other world leaders for Trump regardless of how he was elected. He is, almost without exception, considered an ignorant bumpkin. The few who do admire him are cut from the same cloth as Trump.

You have my sympathy with regard to the Brexit passion play. No one has the slightest idea how this election will play out. I recommend Ian Dunt’s play by play if you want to try and keep up. Boris I fear will find himself between an idiot, Trump, and a hard place should he remain in power. The most disconcerting news out of Britain comes from their intelligence community. They are, and have been for some time apparently, been subject to intense Trumpian pressure to assist in taking down the American intelligence community. This is due to the Mueller report.

I just pulled up Ian Dunt's twitter feed. His name was new to me. Good reading. (Also there's a bit in the early thread about someone else I didn't know named Rod Liddle who seems a rather nasty fellow. And he has hair like Boris. Is that a thing in England?)

Also, is it wrong that I'm kind of mad at Mueller? Because I am.

Hey Freesia, you're too kind. My four children are all here. Only my youngest, a lovely girl, yearns to go back to England because that is where she grew up even though she was born here. We're considering a move back. Our boys are well paid and would visit frequently. Anyway, what's not to like about giving up a large house with a swimming pool, and endless sunshine, for a terrace in York?

Peter, respect for the country despite its leader. Trump is loathed around the world. How did this man happen? It's crazy.

Freesia, my reply to you has appeared, belatedly. I thought that it had gone into the ether. That's one of my talents, making stuff disappear.

And then reappear. It's magic!

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