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November 01, 2019


"There are more things in heaven and earth, Fellatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."


I don't know where he comes up with the 303,000 number, but the Post reports 128,000 jobs added. This is somewhat below what was expected, but still not bad. (See Kevin Drum on this, the definitive source on all matters economic).

This report illustrates the danger of expecting an economic downturn to be the reason for Trump's downfall. Jonathan Chait and the NY Magazine gang should learn this lesson. They are pretty much Warren enthusiasts, and I remember reading a Chait article a month or two ago where he said that Warren might need an economic downturn in order to beat Trump, but not to worry.

I save time these days by not paying much attention to Chait and the regular NY Magazine crew.

The Wall St. Journal reports 128,000. He inflates things by reflex if it pertains to anything he can remotely claim credit for. If you asked him how many toes he has he probably would tell you he has 20. Yuuuge toes. The best toes. Perfect toes. Many people are saying.

Alternative facts, Freesia. Alternative "facts".


When tax season comes and the IRS tells me that I owe xyz, I'm going to tell them that I only owe 20% of 0. It's an alternative fact. They better not argue with me. Let's all start using them, shall we?

I'll visit you in prison, Freesia.

You are kindness itself. I may cry.

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