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December 08, 2019


About that thing I mentioned about having allies where you think you don’t and enemies where you think you have friends. One of my oldest friends recently retired from a management position with the GM Canada. As he told me, GM loves universal health care. It relieved them of health care costs that were the equivalent of getting a free transmission for every vehicle produced in Canada. The argument is easily generalized. One of the stupidest ideas adopted by the left is the insistence that employers provide health care. Obviously they all are not in a position to offer benefits at the same level and some not at all. If you ask them how they expect the dying coal industry to provide any benefits at all, health care or pensions or anything at all, they get all social justice warriory, and tell you how unfair that is. Which maybe true but is also stupid and doesn’t address the problem of dead or dying businesses not being able to support those costs. They were after all one of the things that were killing the big three automakers. I think you might be surprised at how many major employers are awaiting public option that will allow them to shift these costs off their balance sheet. Do that first. Then do the tax structure to pay for it.
Interestingly enough it is the unions in such businesses that generally oppose universal coverage. They have superior coverage, preferential access that does not put them in line and don’t want to pay more in taxes. Want an example? Big Pharma just hired a team of lobbyists to kill plans to reduce drug prices. And those lobbyists all came from the building trade unions. Now those guys have Rolodexes full of contacts in the Democratic Party they can lean on. Big Pharma has the GOP covered and now susceptible Democrats as well. Do those union lobbyists give a crap what drugs cost? Not really. It is covered in their contracts regardless of cost.

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